Which Colours Are Set To Trend in 2020?

Where do Trends come from?

Lets be entirely honest; Trends do not  stop being trendy when one season stops and another starts. They organically roll over one another and through the seasons. The colour’s and styles that are ‘on trend’ today, will still be ‘on trend’ next season. However, they might just be tweaked a little or changed slightly. So which colours are set to trend in 2020?


What does effect upcoming trends, is the world in which we live and what is happening in it. Just like the fashion world, the interior world is heavily influenced with the current affairs of the time.  Remember when it was the Queens jubilee in 2012?    Around 80% of my work had some reference to the Union Jack and  I was working in  Melbourne at the time!  Pageantry gone mad you might say! Nevertheless,  it was current, uplifting and clients wanted to share in this.  Their British Bull Dog cushion took pride of place on the sofa and it didn’t matter one bit that they were not royalists.  

Film releases, current affairs, music and anything that is influencing people’s life at the time. Will be represented through what we wear and what we choose to decorate our homes with.

Avatar 2 is set to explode onto our screens on December 21st, 2021 and I for one am very excited.  The incredible cinematography has already started to influence both fashion and interiors.


Although I cannot quite remember the story line,  I do remember the awe-inspiring world that was ‘Pandora.’  The larger than life foliage, psychedelic lighting (and if my memory serves me rightly) a huge amount of glow paint!

Glow in the dark paint anyone?!!!!

Now, I am not saying the interior world has started to embrace glow in the dark paint…although I would never rule it out in the children’s room. 😉 What I am saying is that the vibrancy of colours in this epic animation world has heavily influenced colour predictions for 2019 and beyond.  Enter mystical blues, striking pinks and vibrant greens all courtesy of  ‘Pandora.’ 

Vibrant blues, clashing corals and striking greens

Running alongside this  mystical and botanical influence, is the growing awareness of climate change. 

A very political and public battle is raging. The dangers of our past ignorance towards the state of our planet has  to be recognised. Action has begun and shows no signs of slowing down.


Similarly,  the colour pallet of 2019 and onward is loud and proud. It is full of the vibrant blues, striking greens and clashing corals. Colours that are designed to be seen and heard. We are celebrating what needs to be preserved.

Nature is always our inspiration

Products, textiles and furnishings will all draw inspiration from our seas and forests. Everything from paper weights to wallpaper, paint charts to fabrics and cushions to crockery, will have an abundance of oceanic and botanical references. 


Design will celebrate the vibrancy of nature in all its forms. The result will be prints that are bigger and louder. Textiles that are vibrant and  un-ashamedly over the top. Interiors that are inspirational and thought provoking, not to mention a little bit magical. 


Pantone’s colour of year is  ‘Living Coral.’ The colour sits alongside incredible fabrics such as Designer Guilds – ‘Maurier-Emerald’ and ‘Samana – Jungle beat’ by Mathew Williamson. Together they create a cocktail that will invigorate the home, whether it is in an accent cushion or a huge wallpaper print. They  will not only bring life and colour to a neutral back drop, but also serve as a reminder to the fragility of nature and all its beauty.

Colours, themes, styles and textures all evolve from season to season. You naturally have a lot of over-lap. Blush pink was hot in 2018, but will still be a prominent colour for future seasons to come.  The versatility of the shade lends itself to other evolving colour pallets.  However, it will  probably be represented slightly differently this season and paired with a completely different contrast.

Blush is here to stay

In the past, blush has sat quietly alongside  the gentle greys and soft neutrals. It was part of a dreamy, softer pallet. Very feminine and timeless and worked fantastically in nurseries and bedrooms. This season we are seeing the colour represented in a more sophisticated pallet. It is now paired with its  louder more brash cousin the ‘hot pink.’

Instead of the calming greys of past seasons, we now have a more vibrant partnership with grass greens and electric blues and the aforementioned hot pink .  The pallet is now energised and exhilarating and yet somewhat mystifying and magical.

Bring on the Mustard!

Mustard is another colour which shows no signs of slipping away quietly. This autumnal hue has already started to grace the shops in everything from scarves to vases. Yet again, we have been enjoying this shade in clothing and interiors for a while now, it is not particular new as a standalone colour. However,  its retro hues are still being splashed across the interior world in both contemporary and classic settings.  We are however, becoming a lot more adventurous with the colour combinations.

Bolder statements are being achieved by pairing back with a crisp white as opposed to the softer, more subtle grey we have seen in the past. Mustard and black is another winning combination for striking a more dramatic punch.

Mustard Chair and coral sofa
An essence of personality

Finally, let’s not forget bringing the two shades of the season together, blush and mustard. It is this versatility that accounts for its longevity. Mustard is such an accommodating colour to work with and I believe is going to be around in future seasons to come.

Pair mustard with cool greys and neutral tones and it gives  a boost of personality to an otherwise neutral room. However, for those wanting to make more of a statement, pair it with a brilliant white or a dark charcoal to really pack a punch. 


Either way, this warm and versatile shade of yellow is not leaving our interiors just yet. It’s  warmth and versatility means its just too yummy to let go.

Moodboard of pinks and blue

Hints of this pallet can be used to energise a space, it can add life and personality without overwhelming. Just remember to balance the pallet with those calming greys and soft neautrals.

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