What Is Happening To The Colour Pink In 2020? Is it still on trend?

We have all witnessed the incredible popularity of the humble colour pink.  With the help of ‘Apple’ and it’s 2015  release of the ‘Rose Gold’ Iphone. The colour pink has had a huge re-birth. It has changed its name, shade and meanings more times than I can remember. From Rose Quartz to Millennial Pink, it has taken Interiors, fashion and just about everything else by storm. However, what is happening to the colour pink in 2020, is it still on trend and how will it fit in today’s need for a calmer and more restful colour pallet?   


‘Trends’ are an emerging force, they rarely appear out of nowhere. More often than not, they have been around in some form or another in trends prior and just evolve as we move through the seasons.


You could say that the colours’ in trends are merely the casualties. They evolve, adapt and mould to the whatever is happening at the time. For example, the last few years has seen a huge push towards the conservation of our planet and oceans.  This  new found respect and urgency for protecting our oceans and landscapes is celebrated  in the vibrant blues and greens we are seeing in the textiles, paint colours and wallpapers available on the high street.








John Lewis just announced their fastest growing Christmas decoration for 2019 was – yes, you guessed it – the rose pink bauble!

No longer is it synonymous with a little girl’s bedroom, Disney and candyfloss. The colour pink has evolved and become a powerhouse of colour. From the soft blush hues used to create, gentle  colour pallets to the loud and proud  hot pinks. Pink is certainly not going anywhere and is an essential component in the 2020/2021 trends.

Christmas tree in blush
So as we hurtle into 2020, where is this popular colour sitting in the emerging colour pallets?

To answer that, we need to look more closely at the trends that are coming through.


pink moodboard
1) The Japanese Takeover

As Tokyo get set to host the 2020 Olympics, the worlds eyes will all be turned to Japan. The countries mind set of living in a more balanced and serene way will take centre stage and influence the western world.


We have already started to see a gentle shift towards mindfulness and living in the present and  in 2020/2021 this trend will increase 


Representative of the Japanese landscape in spring, we will see a softer almost apricot tinge to pink, leaning more towards a subtle cherry blossom. This pale washed out tone will sit alongside the muted tones of denim blues and washed out greens. Dulux’s colour of the year for 2020 ‘Tranquil Dawn’ will act as a calming backdrop for  elaborate wall coverings  like: ‘Solace-Pink/Grey’ by Jane Churchill. This colour pallet will be energised and serene all at the same time. Perfect for bedrooms, nursery’s and any space that needs a touch of calm and balance.


The countries traditional arts and crafts, architecture and customs will all be celebrated. The colour pallet will reflect the ethos of Japanese living, serene, un-complicated and balanced.

2) Mysteries of the Moon

As our lives speed up. a sense of panic and feeling like the wheels are coming off is becoming more and more evident. We are now living a virtual reality and artificial intelligence is no-longer just a sifi. Our  need for  instant gratification have left us close to burn out and a desperately trying to claw back what makes us human!


As 2020 begins we will start to see a  renewed interest and appreciation for our ancestor’s wisdom and story telling. We will start to look to the future with the knowledge of the past and renew our interests in  astronomy, spirituality. This will give us a sense of grounding in these troubled and complicated times.


Textiles will showcase the intricacies of the zodiacs or the complexities of ancient indigenous paintings. The colour pallet will be a combination of ethereal metallics and  grounding earth tones, representative of the earths galaxy and  its deserts and sands.


So what does all this mean to the colour pink?


In this trend pink takes on a more iridescent and metallic hue. It is soft, only hinted at and complimented with silvery greys and icy blues. It will shimmer and reflect with its warmth and mystery.

what is happening to the colour pink in 2020
3) Togetherness

Spring/ Summer 2020 is going to see a huge push towards a feeling of ‘togetherness.’ The politicians, banks and  insurance companies have lost our trust.  We are now looking to one another for that feeling of solidarity and security. ‘Word of mouth’ has become our most trusted advert as business’s realise how crucifying one bad review can be.  


The colour pallet of this trend will be an explosion of our human diversity’s and cultures. It will celebrate craft and folk traditions, but re-interpreted and energised with new materials and a focus on sustainability. The terrazzo tile will become popular, but in a larger profile. Rag rugs and woven textiles such as rugs and baskets. Although instead of being made out of traditional cotton or wool, 100% recycled plastic will the material of choice. 

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The colour Pink will be vibrant and celebratory, almost a sugary hit of joy. It will used in block patches or woven alongside vibrant blues and striking oranges. This sugary hue will be loud and proud, youthful and vibrant. It will represent the new generations that do not play by the rules and thank goodness they do not!!!


This trend is also about the power of our youth. We only need to look at Greta Thunberg to be realise that the new consumers of the times do not sit and wait to have their fate decided. They  put their faith in one another, rather than the leaders.  They embrace peoples diversities and celebrate different cultures. They understand and realise how much more colourful, vibrant and rich the world can be if we protect it and embrace it. Rather than trying to claim it!



what is happening to the colour pink in 2020
pink room

Pink we will be used as a block colour and complimented with our favourite mustard and inky blues’. It will be playful and inviting, hopeful and revolutionary.  The perfect pallet to represent a more positive and new world. 

On first glance it does look like every possible version of pink has been covered and in a way it has. This goes to show that this once surgery colour is here to stay and has definitely shaken off it’s little girl past. Still feminine, but a stronger  and more powerful version.  It holds it’s own alongside the moody inky blues and the vibrant retro mustard.

It gives a warmth and calming edge to a silvery, cold and metallic pallet. It adds a touch of joy and playfulness in and amongst  woven blues and purples.  So in answer to my question, what is happening to the colour pink in 2020, is it still on trend?  My answer would simply be a lot!

It is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. In these very uncertain times the colour gives hope and a  positive vibe. The colour in all of it’s shades and hues lightens the mood and adds a touch of femininity and softness.  When this crazy world feels like it is falling apart, sometimes that is exactly what we need. 

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