Top 2021 Interior Design Trends and How to Use Them in Your Home

For the rest of our lives, we’ll all remember 2020 as the year of the quarantine and 2021 is starting off in the same way. While there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel, it’s clear that the flurry of home improvement projects that kept many occupied at home is showing no signs of stopping.


If you, like many, are making use of your sequestered time to beautify your home, it helps to know the top trends of this year. Consider these as you’re planning your next project.


Here are the top 2021 Interior Design Trends and how to use them in your home.


1: Open Shelving

Throughout the UK (and many other areas too), people are swapping out their enclosed kitchen cabinets for open-air shelving. The same is happening in other rooms of the house, with open shelves and free-standing units popping up everywhere.




Compared to cabinets, open shelves make your room feel larger because you can see the wall. Your mind doesn’t mistake the cabinet doors for the edges of the room, so you can better appreciate the space. Plus, your dishes become effortless design accents.

Top 2021 Interior Design Trends and How to Use Them in Your Home
2. Japandi Aesthetics
Top 2021 Interior Design Trends and How to Use Them in Your Home
Top 2021 Interior Design Trends and How to Use Them in Your Home

The Japandi style is a unique look that has been rising in popularity lately, and it’s only been continuing to grow this year. It’s a blend of Japanese artistic styles with Scandinavian minimalism, hence the portmanteau “Japandi.”


This style features a lot of light wood, clean lines, and simplistic structures. It has a certain calming and natural presence that we could all use during this pandemic and beyond. A few simple furniture pieces in the style, especially paired with white wall colours, will bring this look into your home.

3.Luxury Spa Bathrooms

Bathrooms are no longer just rooms where you take care of your hygiene and move on. Today’s homeowners are transforming them into their own home spas. In particular, relaxing features like soaking tubs and rain showers have become popular.

4. Skylights and Other Natural Light Sources
two reading chairs below skylights


All of us have felt some claustrophobia with the need to stay at home so much over the past year. Many homeowners are coping with this by bringing in more natural light to make their homes feel larger.


The XL-sized version of this is to construct a skylight in your home or to enlarge your windows. If that isn’t in the budget, though, try simpler changes like swapping dark, heavy, light-blocking drapes for lighter and airier ones. Or, rearrange any furniture that is blocking window space.

5. Tropical Aesthetics

Who among us doesn’t have some wanderlust that is aching to see more of the world since the lockdowns began? This year, homeowners are compensating by incorporating more natural elements into their home decor.

Try adding tropical house plants (whether you opt for real or artificial ones). Tropical leaf prints on your interior textiles will bring in this style too, as will bamboo furniture and bamboo and  accents and don’t forget the humble indoor plant. Creating your own oasis is so easy with a few healthy pot plants on your shelf or windowsill. 

Using Top 2021 Trends in Your Interior Design

If you’re using 2021 as an opportunity to enhance your home, whether you’re after aesthetics or functionality, the interior design trends above could be the perfect solutions.

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