There is something ultimately calming about a white bedroom.  For me, it soothes a spiky day and clears the head, naturally the room has also to be clutter free (something the other half) hasn’t really got the hang of yet. Nevertheless, if it is clutter free and smelling lovely, it then becomes my sanctuary.


So how to create the perfect white room and stop it from lacking personality and feeling cold? 


Multiple shades of white and greys have to compliment an array of textures and light sources. When this is successfully accomplished it creates an effortless synergy of peace and tranquillity.


Phew! That sounded very technical and although I have just hinted it isn’t as easy as throwing some white paint on the wall. It isn’t hard…. it just requires a bit of thought, patience and a slice of understanding. Follow the below tips and you can’t go far wrong.

Understand your light source

This is paramount if you are wanting to create the perfect white room. Before purchasing any sample pots, have a good look at the room your planning to give the white treatment to. Is the room a large south facing bedroom, therefore have an abundance of natural light?


If so, the room is naturally going to be warmer, therefore you could afford to go with a cooler shade of white that has a blue undertone for a crisper look. This would balance the warmth and room would feel comfortable and peaceful. Or is it a small poky downstairs toilet with no windows and a tiled floor?


In this case counteract the coldness with a white that has a yellow undertone. This will give the walls a creamier, softer appearance and create an overall more inviting space.

How to create the perfect white room
How to create the perfect white room
Texture is paramount

When working with just one colour and its complexity, you need to create depth and texture is the best way to do this. The beauty of this step is that it is so easy to do and you are well on your way to creating the perfect white room.


You barely have to think about it, just stock up on your cushions, curtains, rugs and accessories all in the complimenting shades of white. Think about layering large knit throws on top of linen bedspreads or velvet chairs. 


Subtle textures in your wallpaper can add amazing depth to your walls, that will then make your flat cotton bedlinen really pop.

Don’t be afraid of contrast.

Sometimes a white room needs a little punch to ground it. Similar to the way your textiles and accessories creating a bit of depth.


A burst of a contrasting colour can really add the drama and stop a room becoming a little insipid. It doesn’t have to be too scary though. If you have decided on a warm, creamier white.


Then I would recommend a contrast in the more earthy tones, like the chocolate browns, brass and deep golds. For a more contemporary Scandinavian vibe, I would contrast your crisp white with cool charcoals and even a blue black. 

how to create the perfect white room
how to create the perfect white room
Be realistic with what you can achieve

If you follow the above tips and take into consideration what your space naturally has to offer, then you can’t really go too wrong. It starts to get complicated and mistakes happen when you become fixated on one style, but the space does not naturally lend itself to the same look.


For example. If your study is a North facing room that requires artificial light even in height of summer. Then it will be very difficult to re-create a peaceful, crisp and light filled Scandinavian sanctuary. It could well end up feeling very clinical and cold.


Certainly not inspirational or work inducing. In this case, I would opt for a warmer pallet and still work to a Scandinavian design, but the walls would be creamier, the upholstery in a tan and maybe even a bit of faux animal skin to really give the place some life.

Don’t be fooled by a name & use your resources

If you have scoured any DIY shops lately, you will have been bombarded by the hundreds of versions of white. Look at the colour, not the name. I can only imagine what it must be like to think of names for all the new paints these companies launch season after season.


They have to get creative right!  This doesn’t always serve the consumer well though and can even be quite mis-leading.


The paint companies are becoming savvy with how they market their paints. Now you can access their websites, click on the paint colour and it will give you a description of what they believe the ‘white’ to be. Look for key words that match the look you are trying to achieve. For example, cool, contemporary, blue undertones.  Quite often they will offer complimentary colours so you can easily put a pallet together.


Farrow and Ball are fantastic at this, although their ‘Cornforth White’ is actually a soft grey. They are forgiven due to their comprehensive colour schemes that are freely available on their website.


Always, always, always buy a sample pot and test your white before investing. A sample pot will set you back roughly £5  (the more expensive ones)  Which is nothing in comparison to years of a room just not feeling right.

perfect white bedroom

How to create the perfect white room? Just follow the above steps and you will be well on your way. The biggest thing I will say though, is be really clear on how you want the room to feel when it is finished. For example, a bedroom might want to feel cosy and inviting, so add lot’s of texture. Where as a contemporary bathroom might want to feel edgy and sharp, so add some contrast and mood lighting.   


Until next time

Debbie x

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