The Top Five Eco-Friendly Decorating Products For Your Home

You would have had to have been living in a box these past few years, if you have not been aware of this huge global push towards sustainable living. We have taken on responsible eating habits like buying organic produce and cutting plastic and processed foods out of our lives. We have even wrapped our heads around Eco friendly cleaning products and embraced recycling, but what about eco friendly decorating  products that look good as well as saving the earth?


Below I have outlined my favourite top five products, which I use for clients over and over again and they have not failed me yet. They look amazing and better still care for the environment.

1) Woven baskets and cushions - Made out of 100% used plastic bottles
cushions and baskets corrected





Weaver and Green have to be one of my favourites for cushions and baskets. Their  subtle colour pallets and beautiful designs, really make these cushions and baskets stand out.


Around x600 used plastic bottles are required to make one cushion, along with another x600 to make the large baskets. Now that is a lot of bottles, which could have been in our oceans! 


Weaver Green also do incredible rugs and ottomans, along with quirky picnic blankets and stunning rugs. All of which are incredibly soft and to be honest, I would select them in any interior, regardless of their eco- friendly busting element.


2) The Way-Rug – Outdoor/Indoor

Going for a more monochromatic look? Then The Way Rug could be right up your street. 

This clever rug is not only fit for outdoor use, but cleverly designed from up-cycled plastic bottles. (approx 292)  It has some cool off-white fringing on two sides, giving it a very contemporary and edgy look. 

It has trendy cushions to match, that are soft to the touch and can be washed at a very eco-friendly 30 degrees. I mean what is their not to love!

top ten eco firnedly products for the home
eco decor rug and throw chunky knit
3) Chunky Knit Throws and Rugs 

I was first introduced to this company a few years back, since then her line has grown and she can offer such a beautiful range of rugs, throws and even scarves. These beautiful products are such as easy way  to incorporate eco-friendly decorating products into the home.


However, chunky knit throws have to be my favourite. They are all made out of the highest quality of  merino wool, which is the reason why they are so, so soft.  ‘Wool Art Design’ believe in a fair, ethical and sustainable way of working.  So I am more than happy to wait for their ‘made to order’ items 🙂

4) Eco-friendly Self Watering Plant Pots.


Another brilliant Etsy find and is this company ‘POTRpots.’ The pot’s are made out of 100% recycled plastic and are flat packed so create the smallest carbon footprint during transit. 


Their unique origami design creates a modern, clean and stunning little planter for most decors. What is also clever is their self watering capability, meaning you can leave them for a good couple of weeks and they will be fine!


5) Curve Photo frame and shelf
top 5 eco friendly decorating products

‘Wearth London’ have some incredible eco-friendly decorating products in their line, however these two items I have come back to quite a few times. I have used them in living rooms, nursery’s and study’s, they really are all-rounders, especially if the style is Scandinavian.


The company has a whole page dedicated to delivering information on ‘living responsibility’ and with an eco mind set.  They use only sustainable materials and all their packaging is eco friendly and 100% recyclable.


So why should we start to look to more sustainable products?

Apart from the obvious crisis we have regarding the state of our planet! Our money talks.

We can really make a difference by supporting businesses that use eco-friendly, recyclable and reused materials. Many of these are small-scale local setups. These organisations reduce their environmental footprint by recycling and refurbishing old furniture and reducing deforestation.


These producers also use dyes that are not harmful and reduce water wastage, etc. during production.

Sustainable Products also need to be Ethical

Another component of sustainable products is that they follow labor laws stringently and also take into account environmental laws like avoiding landfills, not dumping their waste into the ocean, setting up green productions factories, and so on.


So you really are helping the larger picture when you purchase eco friendly decorating products.  The products are out there you just might have to do a little more digging. Or get a professional to do it for you 🙂  


If you want to know about more ethical and sustainable products that are in our market place now, check out the following blog: 

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