The Advantages Of Indoor Plants To Your Home And Health

The advantages of indoor plants to your home and health

Urbanisation and the ‘Wellness’ trend has infiltrated Interior design for the past few years. It has contributed to explosion of  indoor plants purchases, especially amongst the 25-35 year olds’.

The humble indoor plant ticks all the boxes. They are relatively cheap, come in an abundance of shapes and sizes and can really add colour, personality and life to an otherwise boring space. They also fit very nicely into this years trend of all things natural and who doesn’t love a splash of green here and there. However, the advantages to your home and health hugely out weigh these aesthetic reasons, which I for one had not realised. 


Now, I am certainly no green fingered goddess, in fact my favourite indoor plant is a succulent. This is purely because they are very hard to kill and  look great.  However, I am fascinated about the advantages of indoor plants to your home and health..  The fact that they can reduce noise and clean the air is nothing short of amazing!  I  also love how these little super plants can be displayed.  Whether it is a boho macrame hanger, or a  basket made from 100% plastic.  The options are endless and can transform a space instantly with minimal effort

The Advantages Of Indoor Plants To Your Home And Health

Apart from adding a bit of life in colour in your house, plants also make your living environment healthier. Whether you choose to have hanging planters near the entrance, or tabletop planters for your nightstand, having a few of them spread around your house has a number of benefits.

1. Improving Your Mood

One huge advantage of indoor plants to your home and health is that they can greatly reduce your stress levels. Taking a stroll outdoors can be quite relaxing, so it’s a good idea to keep some indoor plants. This way, you’ll always have a bit of nature with you.

Just looking at the plants and feeling their leaves can make you feel happier, especially if you come home after a long day at work. They reduce your blood pressure and heart rate and make you feel less tired and anxious.

Now who doesn’t need a bit of that! 

plants in a room
2. Circulating Fresh Air around Your House

When plants photosynthesise, they take in the carbon dioxide in your house and release oxygen, making the air fresh and clean. When you breathe in this cleaner air, it boosts the level of oxygen in your blood, which, in turn, makes you feel more energetic and alert.


Apart from providing us with more oxygen, indoor plants also get rid of dust and allergens in the air. They improve the humidity levels inside by releasing most of their water supply back into the air and make breathing easier. In fact, studies have shown that keeping plants in indoor spaces have reduced the chances of the people around them getting sore throats, dry skin, colds, etc.

3. Increasing Focus

Who would have thought! This has to be a huge advantage of indoor plants to the home and health. Being around plants can increase focus by making your memory sharper.

This means that even having a small indoor planter at your work desk or in your study can make you more productive. 


Not to mention how much nicer it is to look at a plant, rather  than your colleagues empty coffee cup. In fact, more and more new offices are requesting living plants to be incorporated into the design. 

laptop on desk with plant
4. Reducing Noise

Many people use carpeting and curtains to reduce echoes in large rooms.  Have you ever thought about increasing your indoor plants, because they actually serve a similar purpose. Adding house plants to large spaces can lower the noise levels in your open living room.  The plant absorbs the sound through the surface area of their leaves. This is particular great if you have an open plan living area, or a long hallway with floor boards.  Very cool!

I often use larger indoor plants to also reduce spaces and create a warmer and cosier environment. They make for fantastic screens and stop pesky drafts!

and finally the most obvious and my favourite 

5. Making Your House Look Better

Apart from the health advantages of owning indoor plants. They are also an aesthetically pleasing element in your house, in other words they look great!

The array of planters that are now available is astonishing. You really can choose planters to match absolutely any décor.  Whether you have a contemporary warehouse, or a country cottage. Choosing the right plant and planter should be part of your design process, not just an add on at the end. They can really add that much to the overall feel! 


If you interior is leaning towards a more Scandinavian style. A structured snake plant in a simple white planter really adds some texture and a splash of colour.

If the general theme of your house is monochromatic, green plants and brightly coloured planters will stand out and add an element of life and personality.

advantage of indoor plants to your room and health

So there you have it, I have highlighted only a few  advantages of  indoor plants to your  home and health . Maybe I have mentioned advantages you were not aware of.  Or hopefully I have sparked your imagination and you are on your way down to the local nursery for a plant or two.  

Before you go crazy though, have a think about what you want to achieve. Different types of plants can be kept in different spaces. Ideally, if you want to purify the air in your house, you should have a couple of small planters in every room or one big one.  Also  have a good think about what they are  displayed in, as this can play a huge part in the aesthetics of the whole room.


Hanging plants can really draw the eye up and give the illusion of space.  They won’t take up any floor or desk space so are ideal for smaller spaces or home offices.


Large stylish floor planters can really make an ordinary pot plant look expensive and fill a corner perfectly.  Not to mention adding a splash of colour and life to perhaps a dull corner or small neglected space.



Here are a few of my favourites, just click on the picture for more details.

Remember to choose the plants based on your living conditions and life style. For example, if your house doesn’t get too much sunlight, opt for plants that can thrive without it. Or if you are a social bunny and not around much, choose plants that require little or no maintenance. Most indoor plants last for quite a while as long as you take proper care of them, and don’t forget to water them………..Like Me 🙂 


Until next time

Debbie x

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