Sustainability The New Trend In Interior Design?

Demanding more from our products...

Sustainability, is it the new trend in interior design?


I am sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that we are now living in a world where we demand a lot more from our products. No longer is a single function acceptable. Our make-up must nourish, work miracles and still make our faces look incredible.

Our coffee needs to be great tasting, organic and fair trade. It is no different in the Interiors world.  Now, more than ever sustainable and environmentally – friendly products  are  being used in the industry.

These products have a tough brief to uphold, they not only have to look good and  feel good. They also have to  pass the rigorous testing that most interior products have to go through.  On top of all that they also  have to have very little or no impact on the environment!

  Sustainability is more than an emerging trend; it is fast becoming a way of life.


David Attenborough has done his part, his incredible insights into the impact mankind has had on the environment, certainly got the world talking. 

Knowledge is power and the general public are wanting to know where their products are being made and by who.  Is the cotton ethically sourced, is the leather animal free, or has that plastic chair been a bottle in its previous life…… if not, why not? 


Questions are being asked and the Industry has listened.  This growing trend sits perfectly  with our ongoing obsession with all things raw and natural and the slow Scandinavian way of living. 

The result…….A  fantastic range of sustainable  products that not only look good, they are bang on trend and kind to our planet. 


You only have to look at the cushions, throws and interior products that are available in the shops to see what inspires designers. 

It is nearly all  nature inspired. Marine life  covers our walls in striking wallpapers. Jungle palm prints adorn our cushions and natural linens and beautiful cottons upholster our sofas. Nature is the source for all designers, from textiles to furniture. From floral displays to lighting, it is everywhere .        

We have done amazingly  well at destroying the one thing that inspires us.  So now maybe it is time to  preserve what we have left for future generations. 
Sustainable products in interior design

Retail Giants Ikea have forged forward with the ‘Kungsbacka Kitchen.’ The kitchen  is made out of  recycled wood and covered with a plastic foil, which was originally plastic bottles.  The result, not only looks impressive, but subtly nods at another emerging trend of darker woods used with-in the Scandi style.

Another favourite of mine has to be the recycled wool throws from ‘Green Tulip Ethical Living.’  This company knows how to turn a so-called waste product back into a  beautiful throw. They supply amazing cushions, throw, baskets and pretty much anything you require for the home and life!  Their website is bursting at the seams with beautiful, sustainable wares. 


 ‘Ferm Living’s’ Way rug is another standalone product which I keep coming back to. It has a  classic design with a funky asymmetrical fringing and an off white blue/black colour scheme. The rug  lends itself to multiple design schemes and styles, which makes it very easy to use.  Let us also not forget that it is made from 100% up-cycled  plastic bottles! 

Paint Away

You don’t even have to worry about selecting an environmentally happy paint.

Lakeland Paints have this covered. All their paints are quite literally ‘A breath of fresh air’ with no nasties what’s so ever. They are organic and natural, odourless and 100% suitable for children’s toys and nursery’s.


Now I don’t know about you, but my toddler will put every toy she can find in her little mouth. So I am very happy to hear that ‘Little Greene’ also have an extensive recycling and environmentally sound program in place. This ensures their paint has nontoxic and very low VOC contents (the nasty stuff you don’t want to breath in.)


They also only use paper from sustainable forests for their wallpaper and their paint tins are made from over 50% recycled tins, which can be recycled again. Even their oil-based paints have been reformulated using sustainable vegetable oils, without compromising on longevity.

Lakelands sustainable paints
LakeLand Paints come in a variety of colours. All suited to achieveing both contemporary and classic interiors.
Sustainability in Interiors is NOT  a trend, it is becoming a way of life.

Our choices are our voice and our pockets lead the way. Now more than ever, what we decide to put in our homes speaks volumes. It shows  where we sit in this growing awareness around sustainability and conservation.  


It is no longer hard to find sustainable products which are with-in current interior  trends and styles. I for one have no trouble in full filling briefs with sustainability at the forefront in my decision making. I can find exactly what I need without having to compromise on functionality or aesthetics.


The only trouble I do have  is choosing!  I have barley scratched the surface with what is now available on the market, when it comes to sustainable products.  Like I said at the beginning,  this isn’t a trend that will bump along from season to season. This is fast becoming a way of life.  More and more products are released onto the market with  their common denominator being around sustainability. This is what we are demanding and the industry is delivering.

Fantastic news and lets face it about time!


Perhaps it’s the little glow inside that warms your belly, when you know your purse has contributed to this avalanche of awareness. Or the comforting knowledge that your child’s nursery is a toxic free zone. Whatever the feeling, it is contagious, addictive and helps you sleep a little better at night. 

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