Should I Work With An Interior Designer?

In short the answer is YES!……. I 100% believe that everyone should work with an interior designer on some level. Let’s be honest though , why would I say anything else. Apart from it being my career, my life blood, it is also what I have done for the last ten years and I happen to love it.

So, I can confidently deliver the next x4 reasons as to why I believe you should work with an interior designer. And why I see it has an essential investment, rather than a luxury expense.

1. Time

We save you this in buckets!

The world is now an open book of information that we can all access 24/7. There is no shortage of  ‘tips and tricks’ on how to renovate, decorate, paint or put together colour schemes.  Paint companies, DIY shops and design blogs (like this) all  have tones of information out there.


So, if you had the time to digest it all and put it into practice, then you are well on your way…….but do you?


After you have found all of this information, you then need to pull all of these ideas together in cohesive manner, that flows. Then you need to find your suppliers, builders and decorators who will  help bring your ideas to life. Unless of course you have decided to give up your free time and  do it yourself.


Now, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that approach and in fact it is incredibly satisfying to get into your own projects. However, what could be achieved in two weeks  could drag out to months, even years sometimes, because it requires TIME.


An interior designers working day, can quite often be taken up with just sourcing. Souring the perfect wallpaper or furniture piece for our clients, not to mention all of the research that is required to keep us up to date.  

Research, research and more research!


It is all we do……..We are aware of design trends years in advance and have our hands on the latest colour predictions before they  hit the shops. This knowledge is all for you, so we can deliver fantastic concepts to our clients, with-in your budget and to your time scale.

Awwww aren’t we lovely 😉

Paints and chips
2. It's All About You
why should i work with an interior designer

A good designer will make it their prerogative to get to know their client, whether it is via a questionnaire, a phone call or a meeting. It is an essential part of the process. We like to get into your lives and head, because at the end of the day we are creating a space for you to be in  A LOT.


We understand you would like a clean and zen like Scandinavian living room.  However, how is this going to work with your toddler’s brightly coloured bookcase and teenagers need for a desk……and it’s their space too right?

An interior  designer will gather together every aspect of your life. Your wants and needs, how you use a space, your loves and hates and most importantly, how you want to feel in that space.


It is often said in the design circle, that we feel like ‘counsellor’s of the home’ and I am not joking. We need to know this stuff to truly create spaces that you love and are 100% you and whoever your sharing the space with. Another reason why you should work with an interior designer. We really do get it.


Pinterest boards are amazing and we use them a lot, but the skill is taking that avalanche of images and creating something that is all about you!

3. Money

As with time, we save you buckets!!! 

I have lost count of the amount of mistakes I have been called in to sort out.


‘We wanted a grey wall, but that wall now looks cold and the room feels horrible’

‘We used Elephant breath, because everyone is using it and it has great reviews, however my wall looks beige- not grey like it does on the tin!’

At £48 per 2.5lt  that is an expensive mistake.


A cushion can look amazing in the shop, but can look very different on your sofa back home. These time consuming and costly mistakes are what we are trained  to avoid. We are also trained in being fluid with our designs, so they can be adapted as and when problems arise.


It takes years of experience, education and mistakes to be able to confidently put concepts together that we know will work.


We have to understand our client inside and out, understand the space and how it flows, understand  light, both  natural and artificial. Ensure the functionality is working  and  appease everyone who will be using the space……..even the dog. All of this has to be delivered in the time frame and budget you set……….Phew!!!


In other words, we get it done! With the least amount of collateral damage to the wallet and your stress levels as possible.

downstairs after
Subtle Blend of warm and cool greys and off-whites to really brighten this north facing living area.
4. Stress Less
how to create the perfect white room

I think it was once said that after ‘getting married’ and  ‘having a baby’, ‘moving house’ was one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. I would also like to add ‘renovating’ or any type of re-styling for that matter.


It does not matter how much you love decorating or renovating, it is an upheaval! Unless you have the luxury of moving away until it is all completed, it is a royal pain in the a*$.  We obviously cannot take that away, but working with an interior designer will  certainly reduce it. 


We become experts at ‘putting out fires’ and being the perfect ‘middle man.’  Communicating endlessly with every trades man and supplier on your job to ensure you get all your questions answered.  This ensures mistakes are spotted before they happen and we are  on high alert to act when they do.  


We stress so you do not have to.


Although this is more apt for those taking on larger renovations, we can still reduce the stress on smaller projects as well.  Wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy your weekend, while your interior designer  designs your bedroom? Enjoying your Sunday roast in the local pub, rather than traipsing endlessly around every shop trying to re-create your pinterest boards!

So there you have it, just a few good reasons as to why you should work with an interior designer.  I would say it is an essential part of any design project you are going to undertake.  Long gone are the days when having an interior designer on board is considered a luxury. The different fee structures that are now available can mean having a room professionally designed in as little as two weeks, for very little cost. 

Below is a link to how we can help at Willow and Hunt Interiors.


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