How To Turn A Garage Into A Work-Space, Laundry And Playroom: Phase 3

"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them." - David Hicks


So how to turn a garage into a work-space, laundry and playroom? A lot of planning, a neutral colour pallet and well defined areas which are clearly marked and user friendly. 


I strongly believe that if you work in a beautiful space, then beautiful ideas can be born. For me a space has to be un-cluttered and preferably neutral, then my creativity flows.  Trying to accommodate this, along with making a space user friendly and fun for my toddler, was a little challenging.  Throw in a laundry space and a chill out area and the bar was well and truly set.


I feel the unobtrusive walls and fresh colour pallet helps me work and does not distract me. Overall, the space can accommodate stray Peppa Pig jigsaw pieces and some dolls clothes without too much hassle. The 50’’ TV  still gets the attention it craves with-out being the feature of the room and I  still get my zen. 

Corner of room with lighting and chair
Bringing the outdoors in. This comfertable little area really frames the unusual pendant lighting and creates a little hub to sit and read peacefully. Or just chill out and watch the world go by.
Work space and desk area of the grass room
My work space had to fit in with everything else in the room, but still be a functional space. The glass desk gives the illusion of a smaller foot print and the nordic style shelving helps to consolidate the area as a work space.
Accessories are the final piece of the puzzle
Hidden laundry and artwork



  • The feature wall colour actually wraps around onto the inner window frame. It is a very pale olive and warms the room nicely.
  • Left over bench top was utilised brilliantly and made into these handy shelves…waste not want not!
  • Injecting  a small amount of  colour onto the walls adds to the fun and personality of the room, without overtaking.
  • Strategically placed plug sockets allows for speakers and a coffee machine to come at a later date. Just remember to leave a gap!
  • I have purposely not over styled this area, mainly because it usually has a laundry basket parked on top of the bench. At the end of the day, it is a functional area, but has plenty of storage to hide things away when needed.
Before and After
How to turn a garage into a work space, laundry and playroom
What a transformation!! A poky garage turned work shop has been given a new lease of life. It is now a comfortable place to work, chill out and play.
After image of the work-space, laundry and play area
Garage turned into work-space, play room and laundry
Before image of the garage
A new lease of life for these windows. They can take centre stage again and still retain some privacy from the walkers and ramblers of the world!

As I quoted at the begining of this blog:


“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” – David Hicks


This room certainly showcases  the occupants of the home. From a little busy toddler,  who’s world is all about messy play. To a creative designer who works from home and needs her zen. The room accommodates us all and reflects our personalities as a room should do.

This was a fun and challenging undertaking. If you want to read how I got to this final stage, jump on in to my previous blogs:


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