My Top x6 Quick and Easy Styling Tips for Your Home

Choosing a particular interior design style can be challenging and daunting – especially when the trends are constantly changing. Whether it is the furniture, rugs, curtains, or wallpapers – it is important to style creatively for a cohesive backdrop. However, regardless of the style – it is a must that your homes should speak your lifestyle and personality – so here are my top x6 quick and easy styling tips for your home.

Following my tips will make styling easy, fun, quick and you will get results straight away.

1: Style With Pillows and Throws

This is very obvious, but also overlooked or not given the thought that’s needed. Many a time people will choose cushions as an afterthought and just throw them on the sofa.


Now I am not advocating having beautifully placed cushions 100% of the time….I mean who has time to do that and errrr it’s our home, not a show home. However that being said, just take a few minutes to think about the colour, texture, size and fabrics. It will not only reduce the number of cushions you need to buy, but they will also always look just as good thrown on the sofa, as they do beautifully styled.


There is no better way to add a sense of comfort and cosiness than introducing throws and pillows. One of the quickest and easiest ways – just randomly place some contrasting bold and patterned pillows on your living room couches as well as the beds to give a perfect refined look.


Remember to mix and match the colours, patterns, fabrics, and textures to create a cohesive experience. Always keep in mind the base colour ie: the sofa, bed linen etc. 

2: Introduce Nature

Nature is humans’ best friend and I have spoken at length in previous blog posts about the benefits of bringing nature indoors. It is not only beneficial to your well being, but it also serves a vital role in styling.


Adding small and large plants to your space is essential if you are wanting a well-styled look and it is so easy to do. Have a look around your home, is there a small corner that would look amazing with a tall fig tree in a funky planter. Or a bookshelf that could benefit from a little greenery in the way of some small cacti or succulents?


Hanging plants such as snake plants, money plants and asparagus fern all look fantastic in a macramé plant hanger. Or if you want something different and on-trend a hanging kokedama plant is a fantastic addition to any interior, even more so if your style is more on the Japandi side! Bonsai’s and snake plants are brilliant for adding structure and a stunning silhouette on modern window sills and tabletops. 


Apart from the aesthetics, these plants further purify the indoor air while creating a fresh and wholesome vibe indoors.

Have a quick read of my blog if you want to know just how advantageous indoor plants are to your health and home.


Finally, if your not very green figured, away a lot, or just not a huge fan of indoor plants. Don’t forget the abundance of good fake plants on the market. These are obviously ‘no-maintenance and perfect for areas which have no light or very low light. You still get the aesthetics, just not the hassle of keeping them alive.


You can also bring nature indoors in the way of artwork. This is great if you have a small space that restricts areas to put planters. Again, you are bringing a pop of colour to the space and science is now suggesting that even just looking at nature can have a positive effect on our well-being! 

Kokodame Hangers

If you are wanting something that is a little more simple, then a hanging Kokodame could be the way to go. They require little maintenance, but depending on the plant you choose will require light. The art of The Kokodama is a handmade sphere made from natural coconut fibres. The inspiration for this concept lies in the Japanese bonsai technique to process plants in moss bulbs. They are a great alternative to plastic 🙂 Just click on the link for more details.

Macramé Pot Hangers

I absolutely love these macramé pot hangers, they are well priced and just look amazing with any hanging plant in them. Easy to assemble and can instantly bring life, colour and style to your space, easily, quickly and cheaply! Just lick on the image for more detail.

3: Mix Prints, Textures and Patterns

My top x6 Quick and Easy Styling Tips for Your Home

The quickest way to give your home a very ‘designed’ look is to mix up your textures and materials. For example on your walls, add depth and character by simply using some patterned or printed wallpapers that speak your style. Also, think outside the box as to where they could be hung. 


Don’t be afraid to add prints and patterns to your textiles and upholstery. I understand upholstering a whole sofa in a floral print, might not be up your street. However, a small occasional chair that sits in a corner, would look sweet upholstered in a pattern. Rather than sticking with the plain fabric, it came in. 


Mix different materials in the same space. Or another way to look at it is NOT to buy whole sofa settings, bedroom suits or anything that is too matchy, matchy. You can get a much more interesting and styled look if you mix your finishes. For example, look for chairs that still complement one another, but are different. One could be leather and the other fabric.



Look at all of the different textures, patterns and sizes in this space. But they all work together harmoniously and create a beautiful styled and well-designed space.

4: Focus on the Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the focal point of our living rooms. Hence, it is important to style them in such a way that they add balance and harmony to your spaces. Depending upon the shape of your coffee table, the styling should compliment that not work against it. 


What I mean is, working with a rectangular or square shape is relatively easy, because coffee table books and trays add a good base to work from. Therefore you would use a  grid distribution. However  in the case of the circular coffee tables. I would be sticking to groupings of three or more and cluster the objects together, making sure you have different heights.


When it comes to styling your coffee table. It is time to flaunt off your books, flower vases, and decorative vintage antiques…if possible. Think about height, texture and colour. Treat the coffee table as a new surface.


An easy way to always get a good result is to start with a tray or a beautiful coffee table book. Then start to layer on top, maybe a photo frame or a plant. Then behind that, a medium-sized vase with flowers in.


Tip: Keep it simple at first and take your time. Slowly add things and take things away until you are satisfied with the result.


If all else fails and you are still at a loss, find a coffee table image that is styled beautifully and match it! It will look different as you have different objects, but if you can roughly get the heights the same, then you won’t be far off.

5: Pay Attention to Shelves and Bookcases

You have a wide array of styling options to choose from – whether it is the stacking of books on one corner and the vases on the other or a certain kind of balance you are trying to achieve – you must style your shelves for a striking appearance and feel.


Again mix it up, bookshelves are not always just for books, especially those that are in areas frequently seen and used. If your bookcase has different spaced shelves, this is a perfect opportunity to place pot plants, photo frames or interesting objects on them. Again as I advised with the coffee table, think of each section in its entirety and style it like that. Then stop, step back and have a good look at the whole bookshelf.


There should be a nice balance between blocks of books and decorative shelves

My top x6 Quick and Easy Styling Tips for Your Home
Keeping your more decorative items higher up and your books down low, is a great way to maintain a little privacy as well as being very functional and it still looking fantastic.

6: Decorate the Kitchen

My top x6 Quick and Easy Styling Tips for Your Home

My last tip could come as a little strange but stick with me on this. Yes, our kitchens are functional spaces where we spend quite a lot of our time….even those who don’t cook, yes that includes me.


However, even if they are not open plan and on show 24/7 we can still style them and enhance the space. 

If you have open shelving, these are fantastic to display mason jars filled with goodies. Elegant cookbooks should be on display and the more used and food-stained ones can be left in the drawer. Put away the ‘everyday’ mugs and pull out the nice ones that fit your style and display them on the countertop. 


Clean the clutter, do you need the Nutra bullet out on the worktop every day? Or could that slow cooker be put away now, considering we are in July! If possible utilise your cupboard space as much as possible. Even if that means having a good clear out. The idea here is to put everything away that is not needed daily.


You will be amazed at how much space this creates, then you can fill in the gaps with beautiful and new objects, such as large chopping boards, a recipe book stand. Or just beautiful oil and condiment bottles. 


I even persuaded a client who had a very impressive cutlery set, to display them all in elegant milk jugs. The look was elegant and stylish and she got to show off her expensive and stylish cutlery every day of the week, instead of just on special occasions….life is too short for that!

So there you have it, these are my simple and easy top x6 tips for styling your home. Take your time and do not rush the process, maybe give yourself the challenge of styling just one space a weekend. The more you do it, the more  confident you will get. Soon you will be  whizzing round your whole home re-styling every room possible.


This is a subject I get asked about ALOT. So I understand your frustrations and trust me you are not alone! However it is a skill set that once mastered will change the look and feel of your home 100%.


Until next time

Debbie x


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