My Top 5 Tips To Creating The Perfect Kids Room

Creating a children’s rooms is fun and creative, but it can also be a challenge. You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on a room, that they will inevitably outgrow in a few years’ time. You also want to inspire, not overwhelm your little one. It needs to be a place that they can call their own and feel special, safe, and comfortable in. It also needs to be semi permanent, so it can be easily mixed up and can grow with your child.


Here are my 5  tips for creating the perfect kids room, that can easily be changed up and will not break the bank.

TIP 1:

It’s all about the Walls.


Murals are the way to go. Not only is it a lot cheaper to decorate one wall instead of four, it can also have the biggest impact for the smallest of effort.


The trick here is to choose a mural that is not heavily themed. For example, this woodland mural by Busy Buzzy Wall Mural Wallpaper by Villa Nova is perfect for those children that love the outdoors, fairies, butterflies, woodland creatures etc the list goes on it also crosses over multiple age groups

My top 5 tips to create the perfect kids room
Busy, Busy Mural: Villa Nova Picture Book Coverings:Panel Height: 3m, Width: 3m. Divided into 6 x 50cm drops.
far far away
Far Far Away Wall Paper Extra Width. With something this colourful, always remember to keep your walls and flooring neutral, so as not to overwhelm the space.

Another favourite of mine is: Far Far Away Wallpaper by Prestigious Textiles – £122 per meter

Although technically this is a wallpaper not a mural, the pattern is so colourful and busy, it could be too much on all four walls.

Again this is a brilliant wallpaper for kids that are into adventure, animals, making dens…you get the picture. It also so many colours you can pick to run with as a base, it would fit into almost any colour scheme.

 For my daughter who is heavily into fairies right now, I would add a few removeable fairy stickers in the corners – just to really spark her imagination.

Another great way to add some personality that is not permanent, is to use decals’. 


These have had a serge in popularity over the recent years and mainly because they are so useable, adaptable and non-permanent (unless you want them to be). 


There are also a huge amount of designs on the market, so it shouldn’t be hard to find what your wanting. 

I also know some companies will even customize your designs, so you really can have it all! 


Here are a few companies that I have used with huge success:

My Top 5 Tips To Creating The Perfect kids Room


Don’t Forget About Storage:


Nowadays there are so many cool and funky ways to store things, there really is no excuse. From vintage trunks to clever shelving. From wall mounted cabinetry to screen curtains.


If the storage is fun and a part of the room, then there is a good chance it will be used!


Room Canopy’s hide a multitude of soft toys, cushions ect. They are also make for a great little hide away, especially when they want a bit of space. Tepees and fabric screens work in the same way.


Although a little on the expensive side, I have just fallen in love with this elephant storage shelf from the White company.

How could any child resist wanting to ‘fill her up’ with toys and books! The colour is neutral as well, it would fit in all colour schemes, also the soft rattan is not going to cause any injuries.

Also don’t forget about wall art. There are some fantastic prints on the high street, that are really cost effective and original. The beauty of wall art as well is that it certainly does not need as much commitment and can be easily hung at a fraction of the cost of wallpapering. 

Play around with sizes and shapes to create something a bit different and unique.

If you need a bit of inspiration, check out our collection of nursery prints. You can also download these in any size you want, so making the creative process even more fun 🙂


Cushions All Round.


Cushions are a great way to inject personality cheaply and quickly. They can be changed up when ever needed and will really pull a room together.

 Instead of buying ready made cushions, personalise the room a little more by purchasing fabric and getting them made, or even better run some up yourself. There some fantastic options on the market at the minute and are relatively cheap when purchasing by the metre.


How to create a kids room

Remember to keep in mind the size of pattern when you are picking the fabric. The fabric will always tell you the pattern repeat, so make sure it is going to fit with-in the size of our chosen cushion.


For example if you are wanting a 45cm cushion, then the largest pattern repeat would really be up 25cm, bearing in mind you would need space either side of the design for stitching and to allow the design to sit nicely in the middle.



Fabrics For boys and girls

A good way to see if the design will work, is to simply grab an existing cushion in the size you want and put a take measure across the front exactly the size of the pattern repeat.


 I would stick with 45x45cm in size and to keep the cost down further you can back in a plain fabric. That would mean you could get x4 cushions out of 1m metre of fabric. Or x2 cushions is you decide to have the back in the same fabric as the front. This is of course that the width is your standard 140cm.


Upcycle Where and When You Can:


So I am a big fan of upcycling, especially when it comes to my daughters bedrooms or designing any childs bedroom to be honest. The main reason is , kids grow up. They change their mind, their needs change and inevitably their love for pink does simmer a little! So It just seems madness to spend a small fortune on furniture, when you can re-paint, adjust or restore old furniture for half the cost.

Also why be pigeon holed into having to stick to pine or painted white just to keep from the furniture dating, if you upcycle it, it’s more creative, personal and not breaking the bank.


So my top tips here would be:


1) Work out what it is exactly that you need ie: a wardrobe, desk, chest of drawers.


2) Work out how much space you have to play with


3) If you haven’t got a piece of old furniture that fits the job, ask around friends, family might. If they don’t get onto Ebay or FB market place and specifically search for what you want.


4) Make sure you get the correct paint for the job and always check drying times between coats and if you need a primer or not. Trust me, a little preparation up front prevents a lot of mistakes and upcycling disasters!


5) Check-put Etsy for some unique and quirky handles or knobs.


6) Let your imagination run wild! After all it’s a child’s bedroom, let it be fun and creative.


Funriture paint is a fantastic, quick and great way to update old furniture. It comes in a variety of fun colours and some companies even say you do not need a primer...just remember to give it a good clean though before painting.


my top 5 tips to creating the perfect kids room
rizona Rug from

Get Decorative With Rugs


My final tip would have to be to get decorative with a rug. Rugs on top of carpets instantly do the following to a room:


A) Draws the room in, so effect for creating a smaller , cosier and personal space.


B) Identifies an area, so a small rug by a bookcase will straightway help to create a lovely ‘reading corner’ a lot more inviting than just a bookcase pushed against a wall.


C) adds more depth, texture, colour and interest to perhaps a rather bland carpet or floor board.


D) It warms a space up, especially if the rug is going on top of a hard flooring like timber boards or tiles.

Finally the rug doesn’t have to be large, a small sheepskin rug can be just as effective as a larger one.


Also think outside the box with shapes, you will notice that a lot of children’s rugs are circular. They are fantastic as they again break up the formalities of the room and stop them becoming just places to dress and sleep and become more playful and areas they can can be themselves in, because after all it is their pace.

So there you have it, these would have to be my top x5   tips for creating a perfect kids room. These are a combination as tips not only as a designer, but also as a mum.


The room can still be fun and inviting, without having to endure a full transformation. It can also be ready to grow with the child without needing a huge budget. Above all, try to see the room through their eyes, is that beautiful floor to ceiling motif straight opposite their bed going to look quite menacing at night. Or is the practical rectangle space you have created, a little boring, functional and mundane?


Keep things (where possible) at their height, this might mean putting a second lower hanging rail in their wardrobe for easier access.

Keep their beds low, so they can independently get in and out and bookcases low for easy access. Even keep bedside lamps (safely) close by so they can always get some light if they need it. You can always keep the light bulb very low, so it’s not going to project enough light to completely wake them up. But will just reassure them and keep nightmares at bay.


So until next time

Debbie x

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