Is The Colour Grey Still On Trend In 2020?

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman that went like this.

‘So let me guess Miss Interior Designer, I bet your house is all grey’’ This was backed up with a smirk and an eyebrow raise, just to hammer home how obvious and un original he thought my choice of colour pallet was.

‘’Well, yes it is, mainly because I have no intention of re-decorating the whole house again for at least x5 years. Therefore, I chose a colour that has no intention of going anywhere and is set to be on trend for the next decade at least. It is also technically a shade, rather than a colour, therefore can take on many tones. In fact, you can use the same colour grey in two different rooms and create completely different looks…. If you know what you are doing. I would say that’s quite cost effective and savvy…wouldn’t you?’’ 

Needless to say, the conversation ended and the Gentleman didn’t come close to me all evening. Joking aside, what he said was correct. The interiors world has long since had a huge love affair with the colour and it has translated from paint colours – through to accessories, from bed-linen to external renderings.

But is the colour grey still on trend in 2020? I wouldn’t even be sure as to call it a trend anymore, more like an inevitable colour choice and a good base for the rest of your interior. Here’s why.

Here's Why

Gone are the days when Magnolia was your wall paint of choice.  In fact, most of the creamier and yellow based paint colours are no-longer the colours of choice.  A grey colour pallet is a lot more understated, yet timeless and can be used through out the whole home.  Not to mention complimenting most of the other colour pallets out there.


Whether you have a passion for the Scandinavian bohemian look or would prefer a bolder and moodier city chic feel.  Grey, with its abundance of shades can either be a subtle by-stander or a bold accent.

The colour/shade has been adopted by most if not all interior accessories. This is fantastic news, as we now have an array of textures to work with. I often advise clients to bring the shade into their homes, via cushions or artwork, crockery or upholstery.  In other words you can introduce the shade softly, before painting any walls.

This way you create a multi-faceted colour pallet which is above all, not restricted to the paint and can be easily replaced. Great, if your just not feeling the colour is right for you.

The Scandinavian way
The  Scandinavian look is a perfect example. 
  • The walls have been purposely kept very light,  this has created a blank canvas to mix in an abundance of grey textures.

  • Chunky  knit throws, grey and cream sheep skin rugs in addition to a  beautiful textured grey and cream rug. All mixed together in a melting pot of warm and cool greys. 

This subtly pulls the whole pallet together.

Is the colour grey still on trend in 2020
Is the colour grey still on trend in 2020
Grey kitchen

The staircase is painted a very soft grey Dulux ‘City Chic.’  A warm grey which helps ground the colour pallet. In an open plan setting it is essential to create some contrast.

Otherwise you run the risk of everything looking very similar and bland. Pops of colour in the artwork draw the eye up the staircase and invite you to ascend. In addition to this,   a very soft pale grey runner climbs the painted stairs. 

Flashes’ of graphite are used in the lighting hardware and replicated in the stir rods. Again giving the overall pallet a shot of contrast and grounding the design. 


Where as, in this kitchen a warm shade of grey takes the lead role and is the focal point of the cabinetry. It is nicely balanced with a lighter shade of a warm grey and contrasted with the black handles. The iridescent metro tiles bring texture into the design and into the 21st century with a ‘Graphite’ grout colour choice.


The over-all feel is a more up-dated and contemporary take on the old shaker style kitchen – without breaking the bank I might add.

Do not forget your plants

Vibrant shots of green are dotted through out the interior with various pot plants and hangers.  This adds life and reminds us, it is a home, not a show house.  It also stops the over all  effect becoming mushy…. Not a design technical word by the way  🙂

I use mushy when I feel a design is becoming too contrived and matchy. You need contrast to break the ‘pleasantness’ It stops the design becoming boring and soulless. 


For more ideas on how to use plants in your home – check out : The Advantages Of Indoor Plants To Your Home And Health

Top Pick's - Fifty.. Five Shades of Grey
‘The fundamental grey is the soul of all colour’ - French painter Odilon Redon

I am going to sign off on this rather long blog about the colour/shade grey.  In conclusion if truth be told, I could rattle on and on about the colour.  What I can conclude is that the colour grey is most definitely still on trend in 2020 and for the next few seasons as well.


Do not get me wrong, the colour will take on many identities, for example one season it will be a feminine and soft bedroom hue. In another, it will be used to create a dark and moody  dining room. The possibilities are endless.


For those who still feel the resistance to the colour, or just have no idea where to start. Grab yourself a free copy of:  ”The Best Interior Design Hacks” where I chat about warm and cool greys and how to use them in your home correctly. 


Once you get the hang of this versatile colour, I promise you will never reach for Magnolia again….that’s even if you can find it on the shelves 😉

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