Is Inky Blue the New Black?

Is Inky Blue The New Black?

In short yes, it is!  inky blue is the new black.  We are going to see a hue of blue in almost everything come Spring/Summer 2020. It is prevalent in most of the colour pallets that are forecast and plays a large part in all of the emerging trends right up until 2021. We we see pale denim blues come through for the warmer months and metallic silvery blues combined with the ever present soft blush and corals.


However, for me it is specifically the ‘Inky blue’ or ‘dark navy’ that will take centre stage and dare we say it become the new black?!

”Inky Blue is the new black”

Evolved from 2018’s more sky blues and purples. The Inky Blue is moodier, darker and richer. In this world of confusion and uncertainty, it will bring a sense of calm and tranquillity and pull us back to nature. It is representative of a very dark sky, or the depths of the ocean and will be used to create contrasts and balance in our interiors.


All Things Japanese

As the world’s eyes are turned to Tokyo for the Olympics, The Japanese way of living will be at the forefront of a global emerging trend towards mindfulness and seeking out what is real.  The Japanese call it ‘’The art of living’’ a considered awareness and respect towards our planet.


Traditional Japanese arts and crafts will start to influence our textiles and prints. We will see old techniques such as Shibori and Shashiko being featured and naturally showcasing that rich dark navy.  Famous prints such as the ‘The great wave of Kanagawa’ will serve as a reminder of just how fragile our planet is and yet again showcase that inky blue. Our interiors will become more serene, un- complicated and beautiful.


The inky blue will be the statement, but without any noise. It will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the colour pallet and create harmony and stillness.

Inky Blue moodboard
The Perfect Bedroom Hue
is the inky blue the new black

This is a classic colour pallet, that is perfect to use for a calming bedroom. Rich Navy cushions paired back with soft greys and off whites, create a relaxed vibe. Keep your greys’ warm for a softer slightly more feminine feel. Choose colder greys’ for a contemporary and sharper overall feel.


For more tips on how to choose grey in your home, check out my blog:  Is The Colour Grey Still On Trend In Interior Design for 2020?



Which Paint To Buy?

If  you are feeling like you can dedicate a whole wall to this amazing hue, then check out my favourite paint choices : 




Beyond Blue– ‘My Black Replacement’


Paint and Paper library launched their ‘Monochrome’ collection in September 2019 from which  – Beyond Blue is definitely my hero.

This almost black hue is perfect for kitchen cabinets, stair railings and front doors. Pair back with ‘Flat Light’ for a contemporary and chic contrast which highlights the blue tones.

Dulux blues

Dulux-  Colbolt Night


This is not a new colour for Dulux, but it will certainly start to see a revival with this trend.

It has a slight green under tone, which gives it a more dreamy feel. Its easier on the eye and my  ‘go to’ if I am wanting a warmer vibe. It looks great in North facing rooms and works beautifully with Dulux’s colour for 2020-Tranquil Dawn. 


Team with Dulux ‘Earl Grey’ and you have a wining combination for a calming bedroom scheme that’s has a hint of a Japanese simplicity….another emerging trend for Spring Summer 2020/2021!

Farrow and Ball – Scotch Blue‘My intense blue’


Farrow and Balls ‘Scotch Blue’ was launched as part of their collaboration with the National History museum. This deep and mystifying blue is a definite blue.


It is eye catching and  a perfect feature to any room, but not for those who want a subtle dose of colour. It is deep and inviting and works beautifully with cool greys, off whites and dark timbers.

Pair back with Farrow and Balls – ‘Cornforth White’ for sharp contrast, or ‘Skimming Stone’ for a warmer creamier look.

Farrow and Ball

The versatility of this blue is going to see it present in our interiors for seasons to come.


Pair back with champagnes and warmer whites  for a cosy and inviting feel.  Or for a more feminine feel, mix back with the ever popular blush and evolving coral tones which will be  coming through come Spring/Summer.


For those wanting a more dramatic and striking interior, use alongside cool and brilliant whites. This will give a crisp and contemporary edge to your space. Another colour which is evolving into next season, is mustard. This retro hue screams 1950’s chic when teamed with navy and inky blues. 



So I conclude, Inky blue really is the new black. It is our ‘go to’ for creating those contrasts and adding depth to interiors. It will not willingly add any harshness or drama like its charcoal and black brothers do. It is all about subtlety, balance and serene spaces.


The richness and versatility of the hue, will see it used in everything from crockery and textiles to kitchen cabinetry and fashion. It will be incredibly easy to incorporate into your home through a statement cushion, a sofa or a whole wall. Un-like the harshness of black’s and charcoals, the softness of this dark blue will allow it to be used in a greater amount.


It won’t just be reserved for the staircase or external doors’, It will be celebrated in abundance. Hallways will be dramatic, yet welcoming and inviting in this stunning blue and bedrooms calming and moody. All proving that the inky blue really is the new black.

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