A ONE-ON-ONE hand holding Service to help you design your dream home

YOUR Taste will NEVER GO Out Of Style: Design your home to reflect your Personality...

in just 90 days!

’There is nothing worse than living in a house that just doesn’t feel like a home’’

How frustrating is it seeing all of the beautiful images of interiors in the home magazines, on Instagram and Pinterest and your home is no where near like that. Or feeling completely embarrassed AGAIN as you get ready for another zoom chat/meeting /quiz. 


There is nothing worse than going round to a friend’s house and being shown their newly decorated and beautiful kitchen…in the colour scheme you had envisaged for your own home, but just didn’t get round to doing it. You know you have good ideas and an interest in design, you save your pins on Pinterest and have all the paint samples on your dining table.

So, What’s Stopping You?

Does any of the following resonate with you?

Tried learning about designing – but am ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMED with the blogs, articles, and social media posts…
My Partner and I have such different tastes, I don’t know how to blend in both our styles….
I have no idea how to blend my existing and new furniture cohesively…
I really want to Invest myself into learning interiors, but am short on time…
– I don’t want to do an expensive course which gives me a ton of information that I don’t really need….
– I need an expert opinion on my interiors, but don’t want to HIRE anyone as I want to personally design my space…

"Clarity & Confidence Awaits"

‘’Whatever your interiors project is I’m here to help you have crystal clarity and confidence to move forward and start creating your dream home’’

I Totally Understand

Interior Design is not something that you can learn in a couple of hours off the internet...

Now more than ever there is just so much out there and it can quickly become overwhelming. I have been in the industry for all of my career….. close to fifteen years now and have worked primarily in peoples own homes, both in London and Melbourne. You can imagine the amount of different styles, looks and requests I have designed in that time! 

The amount of invites I have received for birthdays and dinners from satisfied clients who are desperate to show off their new rooms/homes has been a blessing and  I have loved every minute and continue to be amazed at how much the industry has exploded.


Since returning back to the UK and setting up my own business Willow and Hunt Interiors,  I started to realize  that  the role of an interior designer was shifting it was no longer reserved for the elite and more and more people were capable and willing to do this themselves. They no longer wanted me to come in and display colourful mood boards telling them  what they like and need in their homes.  No! Now they wanted to do it themselves.

The problem wasn’t that they couldn’t get hold of the information.

’ I mean every interiors blog out there had a ‘how to’ for most things’’.

The problem was/is...

1/ Taking that information and applying it to their own home

2/ Having the confidence to undertake their ideas and not waste a ton of money trying things out

3/ Being so overwhelmed with all of the different grey’s in paint choices, that they just pick any and are never truly happy with the result

Tailored To You

What Steps Are Essential In Any DIY Home Project

Gaining this understanding of what my clients ‘REALLY’ wanted, led me to create  a package that was personal to you and only you, a package that would allow you to:


Walk into a home that you lovingly designed and created yourself so that it reflects your personality and style perfectly


Design a space where all the furniture seamlessly blends, old and new and nothing wasted.


Create a space where you were crystal clear on the paint, furniture, soft furnishing, accessories, and artwork choices needed in that space……phew goodbye endless google searches and costly re-hash


Design a room/home that you are so proud of, you cannot wait to host parties and Christmas’


Gain the confidence, the tools and the design knowledge to be able to do this over and over again.


…and when you take the time and effort to tune it to your taste… TRUST ME THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE THAT WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPIER!

And what IF you can create this PLACE YOURSELF instead of outsourcing the job to someone else?

Moreover, imagine the PRIDE, JOY, AND SATISFACTION you would feel when you realize that you have done all of this yourself!

Your Design - Your Way

My One-On-One coaching Sessions are designed to  help you transform your space and create the perfect room/home or whatever your project is in 90 Days

My One-On-One coaching Sessions are designed to  help you transform your space and create the perfect room/home or whatever your project is in 90 Days


I am bringing you a customized service where I will be walking you step-by-step into the process of transforming your home/room/project  all by yourself……think of it like having an Interior designer as you PA

What do I actually get?

Instant collaboration

After filling in a ‘getting to know you’ form we will jump on a quick call together to work out exactly what it is we are going to be focusing on for the next 90-days. This way once we jump in, there will be no time wasted and we can get to work straight away.

It's all about you

You get 90 Days of You, You, and ONLY You! Broken down to one hour weekly sessions.

Understanding your needs

Since your home is going to be ALL ABOUT YOU, I would spend a lot of time getting into your head and lives to help you design a home that truly reflects your style.
Do you need help identifying your style?
Have you seen a look you love and want to replicate it in your space?
Are you minimalistic, but your partner isn’t and have no idea how to design for both of you.
Are you drawn towards contemporary or Vintage?
Would you like your love for nature to reflect in your home?
Do you want your home or room to feel a certain way?
...Or do you just want to be able to confidently purchase the right sort of furniture, or select the correct paint colours?

Whatever your issue or problem is, I will quickly and confidently help you solve these and help you go on to design the space you have been longing for. I will be like your ‘Interior Design PA’

"But I can get all of the information I need of the internet for free"

Yes you can, the internet is amazing for gather information, but it is not talking directly to your home and situation. Also, it is very time-consuming trolling through blog after blog looking for information on picking the ‘right white’ only to find it doesn’t work in your room! Or falling in love with a décor scheme on Pinterest only to find ‘dead end’s when you try to source the items yourself! Or worse all of the furniture they used is available from the USA and comes with hefty shipping fees! Not ideal!

"Why wouldn’t you I just hire an Interior Designer – what’s the difference"

It depends on the type of service you require, if you would prefer a hands off approach and the designer takes the lead with the design side. Then yes, hire a designer. However if you would like to be more involved and do your project yourself , but with the confidence and safety net of having a professional holding your hand. Then this is the package for you.

"Couldn’t I just buy an interior design course"

Online or in person, Interior design courses are jampacked with information and you don’t always need all of it. It can also become very confusing when you are trying to replicate what you have learnt to your own space.

With ‘YOUR DESIGN, YOUR WAY’ we really get to the nuts and bolts of what you want to achieve and work through the solution TOGETHER

You gain the skills and confidence needed to be able to take on any other future project. You no-longer have to worry about those costly purchasing mistakes and tiresome return policies. Every purchase will be made with the confidence it is going to work and look amazing! Now that is priceless, imagine the stress free weekends you would have!

Before After

I will help you Design Space Saving Interiors

Do you constantly find yourself saying that you need more room?

You will be surprised how with a few Furniture and Layout adjustments; your home can be 20%-40% more Spacious than what it was before!

All Complex Elements of Interiors - Simplified and Sorted

I will help you pick the right colour pallet, design the layout of each room, blend in the furniture in each room, pick the right decor that gives personality to your home.

Together, we will create a home that tells a story about the people living in it! And you learn and use all of the tricks and tips of the trade and gain the confidence to design home after home on your own!

Your Design - Your Way

Ready to get started?
Commit and save

Yes, I wish to make a single payment of £900

Ease the burden

Yes, I wish to make split payments of £500 (x2)

Bonus Gift: An Exclusive Style Guide

As a bonus, you will receive an Exclusive Style Guide – It is an extensive directory of the best online places where you can get unique and economical decor as per your taste. Because lets me honest, online shopping is here to stay.

The directory is split as per different style preferences – Bohemian, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, etc


A lot of out-of-the-box ideas curated for you at a single place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our calls are scheduled weekly for x90 days and last an hour. During the week it is entirely up to you how much research you want to do. Most clients like to come prepared and loaded with questions, that way they can really pick my brain and leave the call feeling confident and ready to take on the next part of the process.

If you have an interiors project that you are just dying to get on with, but something is holding you back. Then yes absolutely this is for you. The guidance, support, encouragement and knowledge you will receive with having me every week for an hour will be invaluable and best of all you are still control of the design. So the end result is purely you.

Upon purchasing ‘Your design, Your Way’ you will receive a welcome back outlining how the calls with myself will progress and a few housekeeping rules. You will also be given a form to fill out, this is an opportunity for you to outline the problems your having and what kind of help and guidance your needing from me.  From there you can select a time convenient for us to have a quick chat about your needs, so we can quickly get straight to work on your scheduled calls.

All of this is covered in your welcome pack, but please do not worry I understand life happens and there are always solutions.

If you show-up to the calls ready and a willingness to want to do this yourself, then yes It is 100% worth your investment. Not only do you gain tremendous confidence in the world of interior design, you receive one on one coaching throughout the whole process which is geared around your project. Most courses are extremely broad and vague and trying to adapt the information to your specific needs is time consuming and hard. At the end of this you gain an amazing space that is exactly what you want, not what Pinterest has said would look good, or a designer has convinced you would work. You will be completely in love and bursting with pride at what you have achieved. Now that I priceless.

You can! If you are wanting a more hands- off approach and would prefer the design to be done for you, then this is not the right package. I would have a look at my other online services, where you submit ideas on what you would like and I do all of the design for you. You can check them out here

Still have questions? Please feel free to shoot me an email or schedule a call to discuss anything else you would like to know

Lets Work Together...

…and create the house of your dreams – your way and your style