Interior Design, Coffee and Inspiration

Walking into Tigerlilly – Edinburgh you immediately get swept up into a world which is Alice in Wonderland crossed with the Great Gatsby. Interior design, coffee and inspiration, all rolled into one amazing venue.


Floor to ceiling shimmering mosaic tiles reflect the deep emeralds and cobalt blues of the upholstery. Larger than life monochrome wallpaper prints adorn the walls at very angle. The lighting installations resemble mythical sea creatures and overgrown tree roots descend from the ceiling. It is one person’s headache, but another’s mythical delight and I am certainly of the latter.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a coffee surrounded by a menagerie of hanging bird cages and fake plants, tacky no, brilliantly inspirational yes!

This forward thinking hotel, nightclub come eatery is the brain child of the ‘’Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Limited hotel group’’. It really is a melting pot of interior design, coffee and inspiration. It sits along side their other ventures ‘Candy Kitchen and Bar’ and ‘Lulu’ amongst others. While the interior world sits on the edge of an impending explosion of colour, courtesy of the impending release of Avatar 2. This little gem has been waxing lyrical about its interior design since 1992.  Not too shabby!

Lets break down the overwhelm…….

Dissect the smaller parts and break down the ‘overwhelm’ as I like to say.  There is so much that can be taken away for your own projects. Just one upholstered chair in the same emerald green can be your token splash of colour in an otherwise very neutral living room. 

The innovative use of the book wallpaper would add a certain mystique almost ‘Hogwart’  vibe to your studio. Especially when teemed with a vintage tan leather dentists chair….

The options are endless once you break everything down into bite size pieces. I still love the simplicity of decorating with a candle in a bottle. Tried tested and sometimes failed, it really does come down to type of bottle you use. However, when styled on mass, it never fails to impress. It can cheaply turn a boring dining table into something very grand and enticing.

Interior Design and eclectic colours

Imagination running wild

You would be forgiven for thinking a pot plant in a birdcage had been done to death and could almost come across as being quite twee. However, when grouped together in various sizes and shapes they take on a different persona.

The contemporary matt whites and blacks of the cages are contrasted brilliantly with the shocking pinks and green of the plants. It really does start to feel like an enchanted garden trying to escape its confides of an old English property.

Hanging just one of the birdcages in a child’s bedroom would almost certainly create a magical vibe.

Or group together and hang them of a fence that leads to another part of a garden, it would be magical and interesting, not to mention a fantastic way to house outdoor pot plants

The overuse of faux flowers could be almost nauseating, but it is carefully balanced with the geometric black and white floor surfaces and bold graphic floral wall montages. Every corner of this large building has a story to tell. From the alien like light fittings, to the mosaic floor to ceiling mirrored wall.

Each section has a part to perform in the show yet are all fighting for attention. The result is an assault on the senses! It is almost comical to see the staff going about their business like everything is normal and they are just working in your standard bar….which to them I suppose they are.

Inspiration in abundance

Like I said at the beginning, some might feel overwhelmed surrounded by interior design, coffee and this much inspiration.

However, if you have the tiniest shred of creativity in your bones, how could you not feel a  buzz of inspiration! Just start to really look at different sections and appreciate them in bite size pieces.  Fear not though, I believe their rooms are tamed down a little, so you can be assured of a good night’s sleep without getting a headache 😉 


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