How To Use Faux Flowers In Your Wedding And Save Money,

So, for those that don’t know I am due to be married in exactly 4-months to the day!

‘How exciting’ some would say, ‘yikes are you ready’, others would say and I tend to agree with the latter. When did my casual and intimate party turn into the event of the year and who the hell agreed on a magician!!

If I am being honest , it is definitely  my love affair with all things pretty and the glue gun which  has turned this into the event of the year – from a styling perspective of course.


It’s a professional’s dream, you get to waste endless hours on Pinterest,  critique any bride’s choice of table décor and wo- betide any poor soul who invites me to their wedding.

Suddenly, the choice of favours and cake stand have become a huge colour debate in my teeny tiny creative brain. All things said, I am thoroughly enjoying the research part, but none more so than the flowers.


After a meeting with a very happy florist and a quote resembling a small mortgage.   I had to get creative and fast. Scrapping the idea of a cascading waterfall of flowers coming down from the beams…. adventurous I know. I settled on some faux stems, an embroidery hoop or two and a lot of flower glue. I also picked up some very handy tips along the way. Tips I am happy to share with you know, so if you want to know how to use faux flowers in your wedding and actually save money… on 🙂 

Disclaimer... Sort of

Now, I know these can be purchased already made, off Etsy and I’m sure eBay might have a few kicking around, but I enjoyed the process and could tailor make these to my exact preferences and it really wasn’t that hard. Just read my notes below on how to use faux flowers in your wedding and save money. 

The Method……..
  • I kept the hoops in their natural state, so that they tied in with our rustic venue.  They had to fit in with their surroundings, but if you had a more glam wedding, spraying the hoops a metallic gold would certainly take them up a notch.
  • Then simply take a pair of pliers and start to trim your stems.
  • Arrange them as if you were putting them into a small vase and use either wire, tape or glue to secure in place.  I used a flower glue which is a lot easier to use than a glue gun and saved my fingers!  Some of my stems had silk petals, which would suffer terribly under a hot glue gun. I also like to manipulate the flowers and  move them around  before the glue dries…ouch if your using a glue gun!
  • Styling your flowers heavily on one side gives the hoops a more rustic and bohemian feel.  Build the flowers and foliage up for a more dramatic look. 

I purchased all of my stems from Country Baskets. They have an online store and a large warehouse based n Leeds.

Creativity and Patience 

Follow these very simple steps and you will easily see how you can use faux flowers in your wedding and save money…..not spend more! 


On mass these floral hoops really do create quite the statement. They are so easy to make with a bit of  patience and creativity. 

You can also create a stunning flower wall or a hanging flower montage. The sky really is the limit and they cost a fraction of the astronomical quote I was given. Yes, I had to forgo the scent, but that’s what scented candles are for right?! 


What is even better is that they will make a fantastic flower fairy kingdom in my toddlers’ bedroom after their wedding job is completed!

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