How to turn a Garage into a Work-Space, Laundry and Playroom- Phase 1

Project: How to turn a garage into a work-space, laundry and playroom : Phase One

Brief:  Create a space that could accommodate multiple functions without feeling cluttered. The space must be inviting and use able as well as playful and designed. 

Back Story:

We inherited a room which can only be described as an ‘add on’’ A room literally added onto the side of the barn that was a perfect rectangle and previously used as a storage-come workshop. It had electricity, plumbing and large arched windows.


After much deliberation, compromise and heated exchanges we settled on a Study, Playroom and TV lounge! Somehow this square and unimaginative room had to turn into a multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing space. The space had to safely accommodate a very lively toddler and a messy other half in need of a chilled-out area. I also had to capitalise on the amazing light the windows let in and design a work-space I was happy to be in 24/7 (some-days 😉)

How to turn a garage into a work space, laundry and playroom

How to turn a garage into a work-space, laundry and playroom: Phase One.



I decide to split the room up into clearly defined areas.

Through the use of simple storage and strategically placed furniture. The room will be able to take on the different identities required.

Through bold contrasts with colour and texture, each space will still work in unison.  The room will be able to accommodate all three of our needs, without sacrificing space or style. Those needs were a work-space, laundry and a playroom. 


  • Amazing x2 floor to ceiling windows lets in an abundance of light 
  • An old wood burning stove could be removed to create for space
  • The wall to the store room is not load bearing, therefore can be removed to really open up the space.
  • Pluming and electricity is already installed. The room does need extra heating.
Working with the ‘fun

It became apparent that my crazy toddler probably will not share my enthusiasm for a zen like work space.  Or a neutral colour pallet with soft timbers and minimal clutter. 

Equally, sharing my space with a 50’’ TV and an ex-box was not giving me the best Hygge experience!


However, this years huge trend of vibrant greens and bringing the outside in came to my rescue.  Imaginative lighting and planters all work brilliantly in my scheme and I could still harness my zen in a field of fun. This was how I was going to turn this garage into a work-space, laundry and playroom.

how to turn a garage in to a work-space laundry and playroom
  • Textiles such as throws, cushions and window furnishings will need to have  contrasting textures to evoke depth and interest which will in turn allow me to maintain my neutral pallet. 
  • Soft greys and cool whites will be my paints of choice, which will provide a complimenting backdrop to this menagerie of   texture, pops of colour and functional space.
  • Fake grass flooring and a floor to ceiling geometric wall panels will gave the room the fun element my toddler needs as well as an injection of life and colour.
  • Ample storage will house my toddlers games, books and toys. All set with-in easy reach for her to grab when she wants.

This was my mood-board that I stuck to through-out the project. It is always good to have a visual anchor when taking on large projects. It always keeps you on track and makes life so much easier, when you have to select paint colours and furnishings. 

The story continues…….

Click on the below link for the second phase of this transformation:

How To Turn A Garage Into A Work-Space, Laundry And Playroom: Phase 2

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