How To Turn A Garage Into A Work-Space, Laundry And Playroom: Phase 2

This is the second phase to ”How to turn a garage into a work-space, laundry and playroom” If you missed the first phase, jump back to:

How to turn a Garage into a Work-Space, Laundry and Playroom- Phase 1

2nd Phase: Demolition

The old wood burner was condemned,  so it was removed  along with the flimsy partition wall. It would have been great if I had had time to move everything!!

Lesson learned always double, check with your builder when things are going to happen!

How to turn a garage into a work space, laundry and a playroom
Before: The wood burner had to be removed and we did not need the storage cupboard.
How to turn a garage into a work-space, laundry and playroom
Thankfully the fake grass is very easy to vacuum!!
How to turn a garage into a work-space.

The white geometric panels create an interesting and fun back drop. They can be painted, but I chose to keep them white. This worked with my colour pallet and maintains a sense of calm around my work space.  

We had a children’s party in the room mid-demolition…hence the fake ‘Eos’ pendant and colourful stickers 🙂

plastered walls of the work-space
A well plastered room can hide a multitude of sins!
how to turn a garage into a work-space, laundry and playroom
The room is really coming together now.
  • A radiator was critical, the space needed added warmth.  The horizontal  contemporary style helps to define the spaces and the gunmetal adds some much needed depth the room.
  • ”Cornforth White” by Farrow and Ball is painted on this one wall.  This amazing white/grey takes on a very slight blush in a strong light. However transforms into a more cloudy grey when it is darker in the room. 
  • The rest of the timber and ceiling is a brilliant white. This allows the off-white panels and wall paint to really pop.
  • Extra down lights were re-positioned and added.  The lights are on two separate circuit boards. I can now control the level of lighting required in the separate areas.

The room was a garage it its previous life, so desperately needed some extra warmth and light.  It is also north facing and has three large outside walls, so heating was essential. The vertical radiator is stylish, functional and a huge wall space saver.  I am not a big fan of the cold and certainly do not like working in it.

How to turn a garage into a laundry.

This area houses the washing machine and laundry requirements.  It also doubles up as a chill out area, where we can watch TV and not disturb others.

How to turn a garage into a playroom.

We applied a privacy film to the inner windows. From the outside you see a mirror reflection of yourself and does not stop any light from entering. The roller blinds provide extra privacy at night when the lights are on.

We also added some light curtains. This was mainly to soften the windows, but also fully ensured it was peeping Tom proof!

The space is now really coming together and it is time to add the furniture and those finishing touches.  Artwork, light pendants and textiles will pull together my vision and are all essential in bringing the  room to life. 

Click on the link below to see the finished room:


How To Turn A Garage Into A Work-Space, Laundry And Playroom: Phase 3

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