How To Hygge Your Interior This Winter

How to Hygge Your Interior This Winter.

Firstly, let me be clear,  you cannot ‘buy’ a Hygge bedroom or kitchen. It is a common misconception and is often confused with the infamous Scandinavian style.

Do not get me wrong the two can be intertwined. Yet, the Scandinavian look can definitely be bought and it is that ‘look’ that often creates the Hygge Feeling.

Yes, it is a feeling,

A feeling that the Danes use to describe cosy and inviting. Feelings of absolute peace and a sense of security. Whether you are alone, or surrounded by friends. If you are comfortable, in the moment and feeling happy, then you are hygging 😊

Although the word has become very in-vogue in the design world of late. It is actually something we all do and have been doing since the dawn of age. If you have ever curled up on the sofa with a good book and your dog, then you have experienced a ‘Hygge’ moment.

So you when you think about it in these terms, you can see how Interior design is one of the best ways to create that ‘Hygge’ feeling in your home. You create an environment in which you can enjoy the things you love doing. 

Design elements such as lighting, textures and colour pallets all play a significant role in evoking the right kind of feelings.

Once you have got to grips with a few essential tips. You will see just how easy it is to hygge your interior this winter.

Keep these essential tips in mind and you can not go far wrong.

1) Lighting:

Candle- light, fire light and low- level mood lighting is the way to go. The light from these sources creates an ambience that is cosy and welcoming…..not to mention flattering. Try using your table lamps instead of your main light. Opt for a warm bulb, rather than the bright daylight bubs. The festive season is upon us, so the use of fairy lights are a perfect way to evoke a magical Hygge experience.

Hygge Open Fire with chair
how to hygge your home this winter
2) Textiles:

This is an essential component!!

Who doesn’t love snuggling on the sofa with a warm drink and a chunky throw? Texture is the key here, the more texture the better.

Grab your mohair cushions, your wool throws and tufted cushions. Throw them all on the sofa and snuggle in. Texture gives rooms depth and dimension, especially when layered. So please do not be tidy or too styled. Your space needs to evoke feelings of cosiness, warmth and safety. Not styled, precious and pristine. 


If you are wanting more tips and tricks on layering in your home, check out:  How To Achieve Layering In Your Home This Winter.

3) Neutral or similar hues:

Now, I love the use of colour in interiors it can evoke a multitude of feelings, but it can also be a huge distraction.

When creating a peaceful environment, I would nearly always opt for a more neutral pallet. The textures of the fabrics need to be the hero here, not the colour. Let your soft grey mohair cushion sit alongside your off -white chunky throw. Then you can snuggle in without the distraction of a bright colour.


Trust me, it will create a more streamlined look.

Hygge with cushions and throw
how to hygge your home this winter
4) Personalise and de-clutter.

This is an essential step in how to hygge your interior this winter.  Get rid of what you do not need, because clutter creates stress! 

Keep your interiors functional yet charming.

Display the items you love and put away or get rid of those that you don’t. Clear the old magazines from your coffee table and replace with one beautiful book. Clear out your bookcase of unwanted books and display photos in beautiful frames.


Put away your fresh linen cushions, its now winter! Bring out the large knit throws and pile up the fire wood.


The room will now have space to breath. Not every surface will be filled and you will be amazed at how calming this can feel. 

For me, creating  hygge in my home involves a very comfy sofa piled high with way too many throws and cushions. Somewhere hidden in and amongst will be my sleepy two year old, sweet smelling from her bath and probably watching ‘The Gruffalo’ 😉 All ready for a mummy cuddle.

india hygging in black and white
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