How To hang Pictures In Your Living Room…CORRECTLY

Hanging pictures on your walls is a creative and exciting task. Whether it’s something you painted yourself or bought, beautiful photography of the family  or artwork. It is a very personal choice and says a lot about your home and the people that live in it.  So you really want your pictures to be hung in the best way. 


Have a read below for some great picture hanging ideas, that really help create some thing unique and different for your walls.

Pictures above sofa in living room
1.    Make Sure the Artwork/Picture  Fits on the Selected Wall

Take into account the size of your picture or pictures and the space you have to play with.  For example, if your pictures are to go above a sofa, look at the size of the sofa in relation to your pictures.  The pictures need to be large enough in height to have an impact and sit comfortably in the centre of the sofa.


In this image you can see the wall needed two pictures to balance the sofa. Otherwise just one would have looked lost. 


A good tip, is to balance your chosen picture on the back of the sofa, exactly where you are thinking of hanging it. Then imagine in a little higher.


Ideally, artwork should be hung at eye level. If you’re hanging a picture above your sofa, the rule of thumb is to hang it a hand’s width higher.

You can put it up a little higher if you like it that way, but don’t hang it so far up that it can’t be appreciated properly.

2.    Tell a Story with a gallery wall.

This has to be one of my favourite picture hanging ideas. It let’s you showcase more than a couple of beautiful pictures in a creative way. I also find it is more interesting to look at and can really be a feature in a room.


The gallery wall is traditionally used in a hallway, or up a staircase, but it can also be used in the living room.


The biggest tip I can give you here, is to lay them all out on the floor first and play around.


Find your centre and work outwards.


Keep standing back and making sure your sizes are nicely balanced.

Finally, when working above a sofa, keep an eye on the height of your gallery wall. It can get very tall very quickly. 

Your gallery pictures do not always need to go above a sofa, working above a dresser or above a bookcase can equally look as good.

Gallery pictures above grey sofa
3.    Make Sure the colour of the wall works with the art.

While many people prefer white or other light neutral colours, having one dark wall can really add a dramatic feature. It can also add more life to your pictures.


If your walls are coloured or textured, make sure they work with what you’re pictures.

In this instant the bright colours of the photographs really pop against the inky blue of the paint work.


This is a great way to showcase your travel shots, as they often get forgotten about once you come home.


I speak more about bringing your travel inspiration in another blog How To Bring Your Travel Inspiration Into Your Home

4. Art Isn’t Just for Walls

Another great way to hang your pictures, isn’t necessarily to hang them!  They can and will look just as good on a frame, a shelf, or on top of a mantelpiece. They can even look very cool just rested against the wall. 

Try a number of different placements to find the one that feels right

Artwork on the floor
Grey sofa with bookcase

Tip: If you can keep all of your frames the same colour, it will look more styled and deliberate. Rather than looking like they have just been left there and forgotten about.

5. You don’t have to stick to pictures 

There is nothing stopping you hanging objects on your wall alongside your pictures. Especially in your living room, this could be a real feature and negate the use of wallpaper or a feature paint colour. 


The beauty of this approach is that you can always replace the objects as and when you feel you need a change.


Blue sofa with lettering on the wall

So there you have it, five great picture hanging ideas for your living room, but they could easily translate to any room.


Now don’t get me wrong, hanging two beautiful pieces of artwork above your sofa can still be just as stunning as a rather complicated gallery wall.  It is more about taking the time to pick your frames, think about placement and size and finally the style of your room.  Once you have these worked out, it is hard to go wrong. 

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Until next time

Debbie x

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