How to Get Top Offers On Your Home In These Uncertain Times

It is quite understandable  that as a homeowner or buyer, you could be worried about how this pandemic has affected the housing market. 

Buying and selling your home during these pandemic times can be challenging. However, if you follow the tips below it will stand you in good stead for the best offers. They will also get your home looking as good as it has ever looked, making it very appealing to those potential buyers! 

How to get top offers on your home in these uncertain times

Step: 1  Clear The Clutter

As much as you think the cute collection of children’s artwork stuck to the fridge is. Trust me potential buyers will not! 

Clear all unnecessary things away.

I’m talking about outdated magazines, piles of paperwork , collections of dusty ornaments! You get the picture, really scale it all back.


Get rid of all of the cushions, two on a bed is plenty. Clear the bedside tables, no-body cares what book you are reading. 


Clean and clear bathroom toiletries. Just stick them all in a basket and store away until after the walk through. Again no-body cares about what brand of shampoo you use, but they do care about the size of the shower. Same goes for the kitchen, clear away your food processors and Nutra-Bullets.  Buyers like to see the bench space.

Before and after shot
hotel room
The room still manages to feel inviting, homely and welcoming and there is not one personal item on display.

Step: 2 De-Personalise

This 2nd step is the one people find the hardest to achieve, but it is the most effective.


Just think for a minute, why do  feel so comfortable in hotel rooms? Why can so easily  imagine yourself living in fancy show homes when you walk around?

Quite simply they are designed not to be personal and to appeal to the masses.


This is what you have to achieve with your own home. So clear away the photographs , the note cards, the bank statements. Anything that indicates someone else lives there.


”But wont those things make it look homely and welcoming?” 

I hear you cry….


Yes they do, but it is your version of homely and welcoming. There’s no space for them to imagine their own ‘stuff’ As much as your kids look adorable in their school uniform or you find the framed photo of your dog posing amazing. Others don’t!! They are just children and animals to them and they are blocking the buyer seeing the potential! 

I understand taking pictures of the wall can be frustrating and annoying, but even you can just limit the amount of personal photographs, it will do wonders to the re-sell appeal.

Step: 3 Fix Things

This is quite an obvious step, but you will be surprised how often it is missed.

Fix anything that is in plain sight of the potential buyer. I am talking about the scuffed walls, the chipped table leg, the dinted tv stand. All of these things combined makes for a very tired looking home. Honestly the last thing buyers want is to see a list of jobs that need doing.

”But we will take the furniture with us!” 


Yes you will and logic will tell them that, but you want those first few seconds of viewing (when most people make their decision)  to be of admiration and excitement, not ”oh boy it looks like our home” 


Again, why do people love looking at homes in magazines and staying in fancy hotel rooms? Because everything feels and looks clean, shiny and new and probably nothing like their own home.

After all isn’t that why people move house in the first place! They are wanting something different.

So go on and get that paint brush out!

floor plan an essential step to diy

Step: 4 Clearly Define Your Rooms

This one can be a little tricky as it could mean, moving furniture around or even storing furniture elsewhere. However having clearly defined rooms will pay dividends in getting top offers on your home.


What do I mean by this? I mean if you have a small bedroom that is currently being used as a junk room…clear it out! If you can putting a small bed or even a cot in there, will show how the room is an extra asset……………not just a dumping ground.


Or if you have a funny entrance hall that you just kick your shoes off in. Make the space nice, buy beautiful baskets or hang nice artwork. Make the space look like it is functional and useful, not an after thought. 


If your garage is currently your storage facility, again clear it out. Do the work for the buyers, give them clean and open spaces so they can clearly imagine their own storage facility or car in the space. Another great trick is to plant the seed of what could be possible. Whether it is you or an estate agent walking the buyers around, casually mention how you had been thinking about putting a gym /play room/teenage den in there……obviously read your buyer first!


If the space is clearly defined it will sell.

Step: 5 Evoke The Senses The Right Way

People experience both bad and good via their senses, we all know this.  So as we have now cleared, de-cluttered and hopefully created a thoroughly inviting space that they will love as soon as they enter. You do not want to fall at the last hurdle if it smells ………not so great!

Put some fresh coffee on, have a subtle vase of nice smelling flowers on the window sill, bake some bread. Yes I know these are all old age tricks, but they are still used today and still work. Remember you have taken away the pictures, the battered cushions and most of the things that make a home a home. Now you need to replace those feelings with nostalgic smells, like the above.

Word of warning, don’t over do it, you have no idea who is coming into the house so keep it subtle


If it’s winter, light the fire or turn the heating up. If it’s summer, open the doors and windows. Show how you live in the space. Playing very soft music can also create relaxing and welcoming vibes


Above all, keep pets away if you can. Send them to a neighbour or friend. Put caged animals somewhere safe, but out of sight and give cats something to occupy themselves with. There is nothing more off putting than a bouncy dog trying to say hello when you enter.  Or having a well meaning cat rub up against you and you’re allergic!

dog on couch
As cute and colour coordinated your pet might be. Keep them hidden! By all means chat about them if it is relevant, but they just don't need to see or smell them!

Step:6  Make It Memorable

So you have had what feels like bus loads of epople through looking at your home and quite frankly you have had enough! Try to remember though your potential buyer has probably seen a bus load of propertys and they are all starting to merge into one.


Make your home stand out. 


Now if you have done all of the above steps, then the chances are your home will stand out, but just go that extra mile to really get top offers.


Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure there is only one person in the home when there are viewings going on. Nothing more off putting when you have a moody teenager un-willing to let you really look at the room!
  • Take time to ask the buyers questions, everyone loves talking about themselves and it builds rapport. People love buying off people they like.
  • Always give them space to wander around on their own.
  • Be friendly, smile and NEVER talk negatively about the house. 

That is it! I can honestly say if you were to set aside a weekend to really put all of these steps into action, you will find the offers are not only high, but will come through a lot more quickly.


It is amazing how many people do not do the above, so by putting in the effort you really are setting yourself up for the best possible outcome.

Quite often I find clients who I have helped through this process fall in love with their home again! If this happens to you, then you have nailed it, because if you- the seller – love your home again, then imagine what a complete stranger will see!! 


Until Next Time 

Debbie x


PS: If you are using the sale of your home as an opportunity to really give it a make-over.

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