How to Create The Best Workspace from Home

Back in March we all scrambled to adapt our dining tables, spare bedrooms, garages you name it to accommodate our new enforced working environments. For some this was a temporary arrangement and have fully embraced going back into the office, never to return to the dreaded dining table and laptop.


Others realised this  was exactly what the soul needed and have sworn never to go back into the office again….if possible. Which ever camp you fall into, one thing is for sure, workers are now settling  into this new norm and more people worldwide are  working from home.

With all this said though, very few of us have actually sat down and thought about the kind of space, we need to work optimally.  A coffee table here, a side table there is not going to cut it, especially if this is for the foreseeable future.  You need to create a conducive space for you to be able to  work productivity.


How to create the best workspace from home?

We will help you embrace your new workplace during this pandemic by taking you through the following easy steps.

The Essentials

Creating the best workspace from home does require a few essentials: 

  • Access to Natural lighting to reduce eye strain

  • Comfortable temperatures

  • Access to Internet connection and power

  • Good air circulation

  • Invest in a good table top monitor or computer

  • A working desk and chair or comfortable furniture

  • A good location with less or no distractions.

How to create the best workspace for home
The Arrangement 

This is the one thing people over look and it can be the difference to you feeling inspired and ready to work to wanting to creep back to bed or the sofa! 


If possible place your desk and chair next to the window.

Do not underestimate the power of natural light, not only does it reduce eye strain it has been proven that access to a window can dramatically increase productivity. Even if it is a rainy November day, if you can see the sky, you are on to a winner. 


Elevate your laptop 

Laptops were never designed to become our desktop as well. So the screen is far too low when we are working at them all day every day.  Stack a few magazines under your laptop. You will be amazed how straight your back becomes and that crick in your neck will start to ease. I always start with at least 6-7 and then adjust until you feel comfortable.  


Keep Your Desk Tidy.

So simple, but so over looked. The quickest way to become unproductive is to have a messy desk. Tidy away your non essentials, create a filing system that is easy and buy cute pen holders. There is nothing more infuriating when trying to take a message or call and you can not find a pen! 

Matching your office furniture with that of the home could also lighten up the home’s interior and make the space an extension of your home, rather than a poky room and after thought. 

The Decor

Ok, now we can get it into the good bit. If  you are wanting your workspace to be a nice place to work, then invest a little time in getting the decor right. 

Think about what kind of mood you want to achieve. Just because dark painted ceilings are on trend and look marvellous on Instagram. They will not give you that lift first thing in the morning!

 However, you might want a quiet, dark environment where you feel distractions would be minimal – therefore go for it, but I would still advise on dark navy’s (no blue blacks) as the colour  still add a little warmth. 

You know what kind of work you will be doing in there and what distracts you or motivates you. Think about what you hated in your previous office and do the opposite 😉 

how to create the best workspace from home
how to create the best workspace from home

If you are changing the wall colour, I would advise to keep it neutral. No, I am not trying to be boring, more practical. That blush pink, however on trend it is will only become really annoying and dare I say it….sickly. If you are forced to stare at it all day everyday.

Keep the bursts of colour and personality to your artwork and accessories.


Side Note: As this year has proved, no one knows what the future holds. This current work space might not always be your home office. So give yourself a break and paint the walls  in soft whites and greys, that way it will not cause a headache later on.

The Accessory's

I am a firm believer of accessorys making a place feel friendlier and homely. So do not skip them, just because it is a ‘work space.’

If anything the need for them is greater. 

Lets face it, you  need to want to be in this space. What an amazing opportunity to actually get to create your own work space and really make it how you want. For the foreseeable future you do not have to work surrounded by corporate drabness, or less than inspirational office decor! 

Hang artwork that makes you smile. Invest in beautiful shelving and display family photographs. Buy beautiful stationary and desk tidy’s and scented candles……come on did you really think they were just for the bath!

Get creative 

Do not forget the plants, I am sure you now  know the health benefits of having life plants around your work station.

If you don’t or  need a gentle reminder check out  blog:


In the blog I chat about a few ways to incorporate these little green superpowers. I am still a lover of the macramé hanging planter and believe it  creates the best visual look.  They are still massively ‘on trend’ and instantly create a more laid back and casual feel in the space. However, if this is not your look, there are a huge amount of indoor plants available to spruce up the space. From structured succulents to wandering spider plants. You are spoilt for choice, just don’t be paralysed by overwhelm and then end up not getting any!  

I fully understand the reluctance in spending time and money on a space, which might become redundant as the world slowly returns to ‘normality.’ However, we do not know what is round the corner and by creating a space that you truly love being in, will create more productivity and keep a smile on your face. Rather than a cold and drab feeling every morning – as if we haven’t got enough to navigate at present!

Be creative in setting up your office space and above all  make the space yours. 


Until next time

Debbie x

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