How To Bring Your Travel Inspiration Back Into Your Home

So, if you are anything like me, you fall into a country’s culture the moment the plane hits the tarmac.  I am instantly dissing cappuccino’s after 10am in Italy and embarking on a diet, rich in cheese and red wine as I wander around Paris. I avoid anything British and cannot stand the site of those retched golden arches.  However, this approach is quite overwhelming when I apply it to design.  I  want to bring my travel inspiration into my home with every opportunity.


I will start to incorporate terracotta pots and bulk buy French linens for every project! Not very helpful when I’m working on a slick, urban one bedder! But that really is the beauty of travel though isn’t it, you want a little slice of the country you love in your home.

Thankfully, after years of walking away from the markets empty handed, I have found easy and quick ways to bring your travel inspiration into your home.

Moroccan travel inspiration for my home






My recent trip to Morocco was no different , however nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught of inspirational sites. From the brightly coloured mosaics of their doorways to the traditional Berber rugs of the mountain folk. I was hooked!


I started re-designing my bathroom, a clients living room and study.  They had  to incorporate this countries beauty.  Not a bad thing, except my bathroom did not need re-designing and the client was completely happy with her first design proposal and it did not need a Moroccan injection.

Fear Not! 

So, I really do understand when my clients come back fresh and over flowing with new ideas from a recent holiday. They are desperate to incorporate their travel inspiration into their home and I get it.


It is also really easy to do without the need to re-design your whole house. Or even change the paint work for that matter.

Below I outline x4 really quick and easy ways you can incorporate your travel inspiration into your home. Trust me I follow these steps myself….much to the relief of my long suffering husband and daughter! 

1: Bite Size Chunks

I’m going to reference my Moroccan trip A LOT through out this blog. Simply because it was a perfect example of sensory overload on every corner.  I immediately fell in love with the countries tiles, textiles and pottery.  From the refined and articulate hotel mosaic tiling, to the rough and rugged city doorway tiles. From the embroidered kaftans of Medina to the chunky Berban rugs of the Ourika Valley.


They were all beautiful. 


Somewhat overwhelming though, especially when you are wanting a bit of everything in your house. So rather than thinking your whole bathroom could be tiled the same way, what about tiling your bath panel instead. Or incorporating a small strip of the mosaic you love around the bathroom.,

blue Moroccan tiles travel inspiration for the home

The wall of a pharmacy

Decorative, over the top and striking! This is a very average wall in Morocco, very inspiring and beautiful, but quite a commitment to replicate in your own home.

blue cushions

Hint of Moroccan

However incorporating cushions is a fantastic and cheap way to bring in the busy Moroccan pattern and vibrant colour blue. All without breaking the bank and no grout required!

2)  Adjust to your colour scheme.

Another fantastic way to bring your travel inspiration into your home is through colour.


I am going to reference Morocco again, mainly because their colours were insane. However, if your colour pallet is a more neutral one, then none of those vibrant blues and oranges will work.

tiled wall with dresser
White pendant

Here we have the traditional and widely used mosaic wall. This style of tiling was used everywhere in Marrakesh, but normally in very bright colours.  The effect is quite different when a more neutral pallet is used. This also offers the opportunity to mix and match styles. In this case a magnificent  Art Deco cabinet/wash basin and mirror. 


In the second picture a  very typical Moroccan style pendant hangs,  but  again in a white rather than a bold blue. The intricate metal cut work is still just as beautiful, but it can now be appreciated in a range of different styles.

Loving the hint of blue though, a cheeky nod to its heritage which adds personality.

3) Cross over your styles.

‘’ I absolutely love the vibrant blues and patterns  of Moroccan tiles, but my home is a country barn and is decorated all in neutrals, so it just wouldn’t work in my house’’ 


I hear this a lot with my clients and it is simply not true.  This note is really an  extension of Step 2: Bite size chunks.   There is no reason why your very neutral living room couldn’t  have a splash of cobalt blue in the way of a cushion or two. Then, if you were wanting something a little more permanent,  Moroccan tiles lend themselves magnificently to kitchen splash backs. 


In fact if your pallet is so neutral, then it is even easier  to incorporate some colour.  Now, I understand investing in a bright blue splash back is a rather permanent design choice. So what about finding those Moroccan tiles in cream and grey tiles…….they are definitely  out there and it makes it even easier to bring your travel inspiration into your home.

Two Pictures above the grey sofa

Both these interiors are very neutral in their colour pallet and present themselves as  ‘Scandinavian’ in feel and decor. 


Interior one has a traditional  Berber Moroccan Rug and Moroccan throw. Likewise Interior two has a beautiful Moroccan inspired pattern on the rug and the woven throw and cushion.


The influence can be very subtle if that sits better in your existing room.

4) Photography 


I purposely left this one to the end mainly because it is so obvious, but often over looked or simply forgotten about.

 You know how it goes, on the plane home you have a quick flick through your images, choose the ones to upload to social media and then you forget about them. 


Nooooooo, I bet you have some incredible scenic shots, beautiful buildings or stunning animal photos which could translate into incredible and personal artwork.


The photo’s do not have to stay exactly as they are either. Nowadays, altering the colours, applying filters and changing the size of photo’s is so easy to do. It really does become child’s’ play to create  stunning and original pieces.


Just grab some unique frames and really think about how your going to hang them. How about a gallery wall, showcasing a mixture of buildings and scenic shots. Or a collage of really interesting people you encountered on your travels.


Better still, before you even step off the plane, have a think about what your rooms are in need of some really interesting pieces. Then when you are out and about you can be really purposeful with your picture taking. 

travel inspiration for the home in photography

Just a few pictures I managed to take while away. I do not have much colour in my home, but these really create a punch when all grouped together. It also serves as a constant reminder of a great holiday 🙂

 Designer note:

I bang on and on about this  with my clients. Your house is your home, it is where you play, work and experience every emotion humanly possible.


It has to be your safe haven, your muse and an extension of who you and the occupants are. So injecting your travel experiences into the space is a fantastic way to inject your personality into the mix.  It will  make you smile every-time you sit on it, see it, pass it, whatever or wherever it is in your home.  Let’s be honest who doesn’t what to be reminded  of a holiday where everything was great… matter how fleeting it was.


If you are struggling with the amount of options and choices available when it comes to renovating your room or house. Head on over to my blog The Top x4 Things You Should Always Do Before Attempting Any Interiors Project

It will help you eliminate the overwhelm and help you make great choices that are right for you and your home. 

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