How To Achieve Layering In Your Home This Winter.

How to achieve layering in your home this winter.

The cooler nights have started to set in and we are naturally drawn into our homes for longer. Now is a great time to start to think about creating a warm, cosy and inviting environment for your home. The quickest and simplest way to achieve this is to layer!  Layering is a critical component in any interior design project, none more so than trying to achieve an inviting and cosy interior.


Follow the below tips and you will soon know how to achieve layering in your home this winter. Get ready to create that ‘homely’ feeling of calmness, warmth and peace

1): Start At The Bottom.

Have a look at your chosen floor covering, just because you have a carpet, it does not mean you can’t put a rug over the top.

Layering your floor can immediately update a tired space with- out the expense of a new carpet. A rug also visually defines a room and can bring a space together, creating a cosy environment.

how to achieve layering in your home this winter
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2): Layer Your Textiles!

Every room has them, they cannot be avoided. Yet, you can transform a room with a little consideration to your choice of cushions and throws. One easy way is to choose your ‘hue’ and layer it across the room in different textures.

For example, if you have chosen a soft grey. You could select a textured cushion and pair it back with a flat printed cushion and finish with a mohair throw. All in various variations of your chosen ‘soft grey.’ Throw them all on your sofa, stand back and admire.

3) Layer Your Accessories.

Think outside the box with this one, an accessory does not just mean one vase placed on the fireplace. Think about stacking your coffee table books on a tray on your side table. Or, fill up baskets with rolled up throw rugs, ready for the chilly nights.

Display your photo frames on top of a stack of coffee table books. You will be amazed, sometimes more is better…as long as it has the space to breath.

Layering basket with throws
how to achieve layering in your home this winter
4) Put Things Away.

Accessories, cushions, throws, anything that it is not needed or wanted on show, put them away!  This creates ‘white space’ and lets your layering piles breath. You do not want your layering to be confused with clutter!

For example: If you have a stack of books on a beautiful tray in the middle of your coffee table. Then leave the side tables with nothing on them and perhaps limit the amount of cushions on your sofa.

5) Take A Breather

Stand back and admire as you go. If you can try and view your room from the furthest point. This will give you a great perspective and help you decide what needs to go or can stay

If you follow these simple tips, you cannot go wrong. Just remember the feeling you would like your room to have at the end of your layering.

Is it a feeling of warmth and cosiness? Then have you got enough rugs and different textured cushions?

Or where you trying to achieve a minimal and contemporary vibe? Then, make sure you have enough flat, shiny and monochromatic accessories. These textures will balance beautifully with some cow hydes and leathers.

So there you have it, five very simple ideas on how to achieve layering this winter. Check out my other blogs for more bite size tips and hacks of the interior design world, that you can easily apply to your own home today.

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