How Do You Mix Interior Design Styles?

How do you mix Interior Design Styles like an expert:

So a question I get asked a lot is this ‘’What if I like the Scandinavian style, but my partner likes the industrial feel.

How do I mix those interior design styles together?

You will be happy to know, that most styles have some element that is either the same or very similar to other styles.  For example, a relaxed bohemian living room, could be easily paired back and made to feel slightly more Scandinavian. Which might be more fitting if the room is living room and then go full bohemian in the bedroom.

There really is no right or wrong way to mix your design styles, however if you are wanting the rooms to flow and the styles to mix effortlessly  follow the below steps to ensure you create a cohesive space and you mix your  interior design styles like an expert.

1) Choose one colour pallet and stick to it:

If you have a couple of different styles of furniture, textiles and accessories all going on. The space can very quickly start to look overwhelming and messy. However, if you keep to a simple colour pallet and use it throughout, it will unify the spaces clearly.

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A subtle blend of industrial, scandi and rustic styles
2) Bring in the unusual or antique:
eccentric room

This is a brilliant way to showcase your unique style.


If you have a beautiful antique or some quirky artwork that you want in your room, make a feature of it.  Do not worry, your furniture does not all have to be from the same era, in fact it is better when it isn’t. It adds character and personality to a room.


By selecting just one or two unique pieces for the room. You will create points of interest which will compliment the rest of the design. Regardless of the style. 


nb: Just be mindful of your colour pallet. If you have a calming Scandinavian colour pallet for the rest of the room, a black lacquered Asian cabinet will look out of place. 

3) Keep your flooring neutral
how to mix interior design styles

Similar to your one colour pallet, a neutral floor will unify your space or spaces. It will not fight for attention and help you blend your different styles together. This is especially handy when you are working with an open plan set-up.


If it is hard to change the flooring, think about large neutral rugs. They do just as good a job and even add depth and different textures.

4) Play with Pattern and Repetition

Repetition is the way to go in design. It easily pull’s different styles together in a cohesive manner. A good way to do this is, is through pattern. 

This open plan living space effortlessly mixes two interior design styles like an expert. This is primarily done through pattern. Through-out the room geometric graphics are used in either print, textiles or artwork. This is then enhanced with the angular chair and floor lamp legs.  The room has a relaxed Scandinavian vibe, with some mid-century pieces thrown in to give the room a pop of personality and colour. 

5) Get your scale right.

Another way to mix interior design styles like an expert, is to really be aware of scale. This is critical if you are blending different styles together. The last thing you want is an overcrowded room, full of furniture pieces all fighting for attention. The result would be claustrophobic, unsettling and not a space people would want to stay in. 


Choose carefully, if your sofa is  large and boxy and very modern in style. Perhaps balance this with a more delicate mid century coffee table, for example. Naturally this depends on the styles you are blending together, but use their differences to your advantage, especially when it come to scale. 




mid century room
The bulky sofa, large planter and geometric dark rug, are all balanced with more delicate and lighter furniture pieces. Such as the circular coffee tables and spinfly legs of the chair. Even the pendants are softer and help balance out the bold colour choices and larger pieces.

So, how do you mix interior design styles like an expert? Just follow the above steps and should be well on your way. 


My best pieces of advice would be not to get too fixated on one particular style being the dominant one. Interior design in your own home really is an extension of your personality. So do not let a particular style restrict you in letting this shine.  Even better if there are more than one personalities, it adds character and a uniqueness to the space.


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Until Next Time

Debbie x

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