Early influence

From the beginning.

Well here we are, glad you could join me and venture into this crazy world of Interior design. An industry I have been thoroughly involved in for the past 15 years. To be honest, it’s all I know, thankfully I happen to love it as well. 


The writing (or paint) was on the wall from an early age, my poor mother was subjected to very specific instructions on what colour I required my curtains to be from her 8-year old! It never occurred to me that the fabric she had acquired cheaply and lovingly from the Monday market would suffice.


Nope, I wanted Jade green curtains and in my little head it was going to work magnificently with the purple cushions and two tone carpet I had planned!

Jade Green still leaves me feeling  a little nauseous  to this day!

About me frames

Journey of creativity.


"Birth of creativity"

It only got worse and my ever growing passion took me to our great capital – dwelling in Birmingham for a few years along the way


"My creative home"

Finally resting on the other side of the world in what I call ‘My creative home – Melbourne’.

This blog is peppered with influences from this wonderful part of the world.


The light, the openness and the antipodeans approach and unrestricted newness to design is infectious, there was no way I was getting out with my Englishness still intact.


"Cows for neighbours"

After a good and solid ten years in this amazing country of Australia, my family and a rather attractive 6ft gentleman sent me packing again and migrating back to the North of England, where I now reside with a  mini me of the 6ft gentleman, known and mentioned in my blog as Crazy Toddler (CT)  and cows for neighbours.

Happy days

Me in countryside

It would be hard not to experience the different sectors of this industry having been in it for so long and moved around. From a boutique fabric showroom in London to the sheer size and scale of the display /show home industry in Melbourne. It has been a complete whirlwind of textiles, paint colours, furniture, lighting the whole kit caboodle.


The industry still ceases to amaze me, the speed and innovative ways new ideas are formed and churned out can be somewhat overwhelming.  The bombardment of magazines, lifestyle programs, exhibition’s and whole design centres purely set up to seduce you into a textile coma.  By the way ‘Chelsea Harbour design centre’ I love you and always will.

Hygge with cushions and throw
Who we are

Willow & Hunt.

Side Protea print

 I hear and see all too often, a client’s enthusiasm crash and burn as they attempt a renovation, or a simple room refresh and just feel so overwhelmed with choice. Which is was why Willow & Hunt was born.


An informative and bite size little piece of heaven, where you can grab a coffee and jump in and hopefully gain insight and answers into life’s great questions…

"What grey should I use in a south facing room"

"What colours are on trend for living rooms"

"What grey should I use in a south facing room"

- My personal favourite

indi in the forest

It’s a space where I can share my ongoing projects, experiments or just chat away about my projects and findings.  My busy and colourful life is shared with a toddler, planning a wedding and renovating a new room, so things do not go to plan. But heh we are human (or so I keep telling myself) and this is how I roll, so go on and grab that coffee, a biscuit and jump into this magical world.


Powder coated medium vase

For the love of brunch

Oh and you will notice my love of ‘Brunch’ pops up now and again. A very antipodean past time which I refuse to give up and thankfully I share this passion with my HB (hungry Beaux). We both love nothing more than to stumble or dig out culinary gems for our 10/11am feast.  Fortunately, we live with-in close proximity to some very tummy satisfying plots, which are not too bad on the eye either – a fantastic blend of aesthetics and food…what else is there in life!