Four Easy Ways To Create A Stunning Downstairs Toilet

 ‘’How do I create a great loo’’

It’s a question that I never got asked x5 years ago, but now its quite the norm. The downstairs toilet has developed its own creative licence to be bigger, bolder and make more of a statement than ever before. Suddenly, the functionality of this little room pales in significance to the fun you can have when designing it.


If you follow these four easy ways to create a stunning downstairs toilet, you can be braver and more creative than ever before.  The design does not have to fit in with the rest of your house, it doesn’t have to be ‘pleasing on the eye’ or ‘liveable’. 

Heck! It doesn’t even have to be in a particular style, or follow a trend, it just as has to be ‘you’. And by following these steps, you can really have a little fun.


Follow these four easy ways to create a stunning downstairs toilet.

Let your imagination run wild


Let the Design be an Extension of your Personality

If you love flowers, then cover the walls in oversized blooms. Who cares if you haven’t got a single stem in the rest of your house. In this little cubby hole, you can scream and shout as loud as you want…its almost expected.


Forget about the rest of your décor and focus completely on what you like.

Write your ideas down and tare them out of magazines. Gather them all together and  do not worry too much about them all working together. For example, if you have a space that has no windows, but you love dark colours, do not go changing your paint colour. 

The constraints of normal design rules do not apply in this exercise. Just let your imagination run wild!

Four Easy Ways To Create A Stunning Downstairs Toilet
Four Easy Ways To Create A Stunning Downstairs Toilet


Wallpaper your Heart out!

Wallpaper your heart out! This must be the quickest and most effective way to cover a wall and create your masterpiece in one swoop.


Those that are familiar to all things interiors will have heard of wallpaper companies like ‘’Cole and Son’’ ‘’Matthew Williamson’’ and ‘Effinger’’ Those that haven’t, I advise you get onto them and waste a whole afternoon browsing their designs. Quite often it is where I will start with an idea.

The papers are so exquisite you can choose one and base the rest of your design around it. A great and easy way to create something magical.


NB: The papers do come with hanging instructions and paste recommendations; I always ask my decorators to follow these – even if they have their own super preferred paste.

They are normally happy to oblige, mainly because they know (as I do) if we have any issues with hanging, the finger cannot be pointed at us. I must add we haven’t had any issues to date and no peeling or bubbling either. I guess they know their papers and what it requires from a paste.


Fill in the Gaps

Depending on how dramatic you want to go, fill in the gaps with a complimentary paint colour and don’t forget the door. I went for my trusty ‘’Elephants Grey’’ Farrow and Ball.

This magical paint colour really does takes upon a life of its own, depending on the light of the room. With no natural light in this room, the warmth of the grey is at its strongest. This creates almost a creamier tone, rather than a cool grey.


I needed the warmth of this paint colour to shine through. It helps soften the sharp metallic’s in the wallpaper and lighten the moody navy. It also ties in my lino choice and softens the overall look.

Four Easy Ways To Create A Stunning Downstairs Toilet


Finish Off with Interesting Accessories.

The beauty of this room is that it generally is quite a small one.  Once you have selected your basins, cisterns and perhaps squeezed in a shelf or two, the rest is down to  decoration. When you decide on your accessories , make sure they fit with your design.


If your theme is elegance, finish with a beautiful candle or crisp hand towel.  If you are working with a more contemporary design. Perhaps consider a beautiful minimalist vase with just one stem in it. Anything you wish really, as long as it compliments all the effort you have just done.

Don’t drop the ball at the last hurdle!


An old Victorian chain mirror picked up from an antique store finishes off my little space. It is a mere nod to the era of the basin and cistern and it doesn’t overshadow the drama of the wallpaper. My final flourish to an already very busy room, was a nod  to the rest of the house. My enduring  love of all  things Scandinavian had to have a small place in this room. Lets face it, who doesn’t love another hanging planter!

So there you have it, four easy ways to create a stunning downstairs toilet.If you would like more great Interior design hacks, that come straight from someone who has been doing this for over ten years. Head on over to my home page and grab your free guide. ”The Best Interior Design Hacks- that can easily be applied to your home today’  This small but mighty guide is an accumulation of my best tricks, hacks and tips that I have gathered through decades of working in this industry. So I can honestly say they work and have not failed me yet. They are also simple to do and really can be applied to your home.

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