Brunch, Coffee and Interior Design? Read on for a perfect Sunday morning.

Brunch, coffee and good interior design is my idea of a perfect Sunday. 

What better way to kick of  than to venture to a new Brunch place! With a crazy toddler and a hungry other half in toe, we battle the Sunday drivers and lashings of seasonal rain and travel 40-min…. yes you heard right 40-minutes to a new potential grazing ground.


The new place we decided to venture to is called ‘Fettle!’  It is certainly not new on the brunch scene, but I do not get to frequent as many brunch places as I would like. Especially when they first open!


Well as you might of gathered the only thing that gets me more excited than an inventive brunch menu, is a well-designed and inspiring interior. You know, the kind of place which makes you draw a little gasp as you enter and immediately start to re-design every room in your newly decorated house!  

brunch coffee and good interior design. Read on for a perfect sunday
'Something Magical'

The Spherical wire planters hang comfortably between the modern powder coated pendants. This gives a subtle nod to the fanatical trend of bringing the outside in. A trend (by the way) which has no signs of abating anytime soon.

There is something magical about the plants almost falling out of their gaged confinements, as if we had stumbled upon an aged, overgrown ruin.

Wildflowers adorn the side tables in rustic glass vases. If I wasn’t sat in the middle of an urban jungle, you could be fooled into thinking they were picked fresh that morning. Their colourful bursts of pinks and blues break up a somewhat neutral pallet of greys and whites.

Good design fish bowl vases
Pride of place

Nestled in between the tables is floor to ceiling alcove jammed packed with, what I describe as ‘the goldfish’ vase. I apologise if it has a more technical name than that, but it looks like a gold fish bowl to me and beautiful it is.

A few stems get pride of place in the vast spherical glass orb that is the vase.

They come in a number of different sizes, so grouping them together would be a simple, but very effective feature piece in the middle of a dining table. Easy to change the stems as well…..which sounds good to me.

My Guilty Pleasure

Now, forgive me for being too honest here, but I love a good toilet! It has to be one of the best places in the whole house to design. I have spoke at length about this in previous blogs, so I won’t digress too much. However, it really is the most unassuming box of a room which has incredible potential for an inspiration design.

Fettle did not disappoint, yet again I will preach about how satisfying it is to acknowledge the time spent on such a humble room. Every corner had been thought about.

A posh loo…

From the latex screed floor right the way up to the sculptural pendants. Not forgetting the gold loo roll and the automated story telling that chats cheerfully away to you as do your business. Every small detail has been considered and thought about. The design is inviting, homely yet inspired. Also very dangerous, as you want to linger  a little too long, just to hear the end of a story. 

Only to come out to a Que of desperate looking folk-  yes, there is only one loo…

The only negative/positive which ever way you want to look at it, but the place is small and can get cramped very quickly. The tables are well laid out, but close together. You get to practically inhale your neighbours food, something I don’t mind. Especially when I’m completely spoilt for choice on what to choose. Not so great when my crazy toddler thinks its her food and  proceeds to launch, headfirst, wide eyed and drooling straight into the poor neighbour’s porridge! Hasty retreat required and humble apologies needed. 

Sigh of Relief

Ah well, a quick £35 purchase of a mini library of chocolate bars and a swift good bye. I’m sure I could hear a collective sigh of relief as we departed.  However, as we drove away, I had to smile to myself as I spotted another family, negotiating the small brunch mecca, but they also had a pram!…..Good Luck!



As you have probably gathered I love my food and design, click on the below link to see what incredible place I found in Edinburgh.  Pop in for a coffee and be prepared to be amazed. 

Interior Design, Coffee and Inspiration

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