How to Create The Best Workspace from Home

Back in March we all scrambled to adapt our dining tables, spare bedrooms, garages you name it to…

The Top Five Eco-Friendly Decorating Products For Your Home

You would have had to have been living in a box these past few years, if you have…

How To hang Pictures In Your Living Room…CORRECTLY

Hanging pictures on your walls is a creative and exciting task. Whether it’s something you painted yourself or…

Should I Work With An Interior Designer?

In short the answer is YES!……. I 100% believe that everyone should work with an interior designer on…

What Is Happening To The Colour Pink In 2020? Is it still on trend?

We have all witnessed the incredible popularity of the humble colour pink.  With the help of ‘Apple’ and…

Is Inky Blue the New Black?

Is Inky Blue The New Black? In short yes, it is!  inky blue is the new black.  We…

How To Create The Perfect White Room

There is something ultimately calming about a white bedroom.  For me, it soothes a spiky day and clears the head, naturally the room has also to be clutter free (something the other half) hasn’t really got the hang of yet.

How To Do A Quick Kitchen Re-Model – On A Budget

When we moved into The Barn, my first thought was:
‘what an amazing kitchen, I can’t wait to get onto it…..’’

How to turn a Garage into a Work-Space, Laundry and Playroom- Phase 1

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Four Easy Ways To Create A Stunning Downstairs Toilet

I get asked this question a lot. ‘’How do I create a great loo’’ It’s a question that I never got asked a mere x5 years ago, but now its quite the norm.

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