How To Achieve Layering In Your Home This Winter.

How to achieve layering in your home this winter. The cooler nights have started to set in and…

How To Turn A Garage Into A Work-Space, Laundry And Playroom: Phase 3

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” – David Hicks So…

How To Turn A Garage Into A Work-Space, Laundry And Playroom: Phase 2

The old wood burner was condemned,  so it was removed  along with the flimsy partition wall. It would have been great if I had had time to move everything!!

Which Colours Are Set To Trend in 2020?

Where do Trends come from? Lets be entirely honest; Trends do not  stop being trendy when one season…

Interior Design, Coffee and Inspiration

Walking into Tigerlilly – Edinburgh you immediately get swept up into a world which is Alice in Wonderland…

Sustainability The New Trend In Interior Design?

Demanding more from our products… Sustainability, is it the new trend in interior design? I am sure it…

How To Create The Perfect White Room

There is something ultimately calming about a white bedroom.  For me, it soothes a spiky day and clears the head, naturally the room has also to be clutter free (something the other half) hasn’t really got the hang of yet.

How To Do A Quick Kitchen Re-Model – On A Budget

When we moved into The Barn, my first thought was:
‘what an amazing kitchen, I can’t wait to get onto it…..’’

How to turn a Garage into a Work-Space, Laundry and Playroom- Phase 1

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Four Easy Ways To Create A Stunning Downstairs Toilet

I get asked this question a lot. ‘’How do I create a great loo’’ It’s a question that I never got asked a mere x5 years ago, but now its quite the norm.