Bathroom Makeover With Pink Hexagon Tiles and Black Fixtures

”This dark and dingy bathroom is the first thing that needs renovating”

I said when we moved into our barn……well two years later and the whole house finished . Our lovely bathroom makeover complete with pink hexagon tiles was in fact the last thing to be done, but worth the wait.

This was our inherited bathroom before:

bath with blue tiles
bathroom with blue tiles

The cobalt blue tiles filled me with glee every time I stepped into the space…..errrrrr not.  Decoration aside the bathroom was very functional, everything worked which is probably why we put up with it for so long. Having a working bath was essential in our house and also the thought of all that dust and mess when we did finally get round to doing the work  was (to be honest) enough of a deterrent. So I grinned and bore it! 

The clincher came when after another potty training accident, I realised that the room constantly had a faint but distinct ammonia smell hanging around. No amount of bleach could lift it, but my daughter had only just started the potty training and she hadn’t had that many accidents in the room. Then it dawned on me, eeeek the family before us also had young children……………….yup I was currently bathing and living in an another family’s pee!!!


Ok slight exaggeration and the floor was constantly cleaned, but once the thought was in my head I was done for. CALL THE BUILDER!

Let the demolition begin. Good bye smelly floor!

The bathroom was never going to be a huge space, however with some clever purchasing and colour choices, I could defiantly give this  dark room a light infused contemporary make-over.

Some DIY Tips!

It goes without saying , keep elements of your design light. You can always add contrast in other areas, but to create light and space try and keep large elements in the lighter tone.tiled bathroom

If possible move things around. This is a little trickier when your dealing with plumbing. However always ask the question, switching the toilet round for us was a small job, but it created a much more useable space.

Wall mount as much as you can ….within reason. 

Wall mounting our hand basin generated so much more space. Also think about the shape of your fixtures and fittings. A slight curve to our basin gave a more organic feel to the space and stopped people walking into sharp edges. 

In our situation we had very tall barn ceilings with lovely exposed beams. Although this space is unusable, it can still be highlighted and give the illusion of more space.

Tiling to the ceiling is a great and modern way of achieving this, especially if your tiles are a lighter colour.

Select interesting lighting. Our sculptural pendant draws the eye up, giving yet again the illusion of more space. Especially when the colour is of a contrast to the rest of the bathroom.

In a small space be mindful of how much you want to put in it. Keep your storage minimal and compact eg buy basins with storage drawers to keep shampoos hidden.

If you have shelving, buy nice designs that compliment your space, that way you will be more inclined to only show off beautiful accessories such as candles or bath oils. 

Glass shelving is perfect for this, it quietly does its job without any fuss. It lets light through and gives a very contemporary finish to any design.


tiled bathroom

Choosing The Tiles

Bathroom Makeover With Pink Hexagon Tiles and Black Fixtures
These were some of my favourite choices that are on the market today.








The next step was choosing the tiles. I had already decided on a long herringbone metro style white tile for most of the room, but I was spoilt for choice when it came to the feature tile.  To break up the linear effect caused by the white metro tile, I had also decided on a hexagon shaped tile.




Blush pink is still very much on trend and the perfect colour for a feature wall. The colour is neither too loud or too neutral and can give an otherwise ‘dull’ bathroom a kick of personality.  I also know it will predominantly be used by my little girl, who is very much into her pink 🙂 

Choosing tiles can be a little tricky, there is so much choice in the market and no end of possibilities when it comes to size, shape and even what you can tile onto! 


My best advice would be to get clear on:


  1. How you want the room to feel.
  2. Your colour scheme
  3. Budget
  4. What you actually like. 

They sound so simple, but you will be amazed how difficult it can be just to answer these x4 questions. If you do need a little more guidance and help with choosing tiles for your bathroom. Check out my blog……………… I go into more detail and some give you some simple step to follow to help select the perfect tiles.

Pulling It All Together

This is naturally the fun bit, when all your design ideas come together and you can see it was all worth it. 

Before and After

So there you have it, one tired and dingy bathroom gone and a modern, clean and light bathroom in it’s place. Although the space is relatively small, just the few changes we made has significantly given this room a new lease of life. It has now become a little sanctuary for both small child and mum and thankfully she is now well and truly toilet trained, so no more smelly floors!  

bathroom with blue tiles
bathroom with pink tiles

Using Top 2021 Trends in Your Interior Design

 If you are using 2021 as an opportunity to enhance your home, whether you’re after aesthetics or functionality, the interior design trends above could be the perfect solutions. Do not forget to check out my other blogs for more handy DIY tips and tricks. Otherwise, if you’re wanting a bit of help or just don’t have the time to do it yourself, head on over to my ‘services pages’ To get a professional and manicured look. Or have a quick read of some the blogs in my DIY section.


Until Next Time

Debbie x



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